Ilse Valfre ’s Illustrations Revive Pop Art

Ilse Valfre ’s Illustrations Revive Pop Art

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Ilse Valfre is 23 year old Mexican artist, born in the  small town of Puerto Peñasco, and raised in Tijuana, Mexico. Her illustrations combine art, fashion, colors and messages to express her feelings and her take on being a girl. “The Valfre brand is based on the captivating illustrations and expressions of the Mexican artist Ilse Valfre. Her art is a collection of thoughts and images that uniquely capture what it really feels like to be a girl”, says the artist. Ilse Valfre’s subject are diverse but have a thing in common: they are undoubtedly a feast for the eyes.

Ilse Valfre


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She remember herself drawing from an early age, on everything that she could find. Her father, of whom she says is her biggest supporter, admired her talent but was also terrified that she would draw all over his things. Ilse Valfre is more than an illustrator, she is also a preschool teacher, a model  and children’ book author. The 23 year old seems to like to keep busy.

Two years ago, while having an ordinary day at her job at the preschool, she had a thought to become what she had always wanted: an illustrator/painter. And from that day on she committed herself to her art. When it comes to drawing, Ilse Valfre says she always has a clear idea of what she wants to draw and simply lets her creativity flow through her fingers. She is passionate about acting and is currently filming a web series.

Ilse Valfre’s quirky and unique illustrations blend fashion, colors and the cheek of Pop Art.  Her drawings are catchy and relatable, as most girls can see themselves in one or more of Ilse’s drawings. Have you ever heard of Ilse Valfre’s illustrations? Do you like her style?


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Valfre galaxy

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