Husband Moved To Tears After Wife Does This At The Wedding

Husband Moved To Tears After Wife Does This At The Wedding londa

The wedding is a big day in any woman’s life, but Elizabeth Shoesmith decided to make it all about her husband. Elizabeth worked three months in order to prepare an incredible gift for her husband Scott and she didn’t tell anyone about it, she only showed it as she was walking down the aisle. When Scott saw what his soon to be wife had prepared for him, he couldn’t keep his tears in anymore and she started crying. This powerful moment is so emotional that it went viral and made headlines all over the world!

20. Amazing Gift

Elizabeth loves Scott very much and this is why she decided to work three months in secret in order to prepare an amazing gift for him. The surprise gift was so emotional that Scott and everyone else in the crowd were moved to tears.

19. New Couple

Elizabeth and Scott met each other on Tinder and they kicked it off right from the first date. They have many things in common and more importantly, they feel like they could talk and listen to each other for days on end.

18. The Next Level

After being together for two years, Scott decided that time had come for their relationship to be taken to the next level and he popped the “big question”. Without giving it any second thought, Elizabeth said yes.

17. Special Surprise

As we have previously mentioned, Elizabeth loves Scott very much and this is why she decided that for her wedding day, she wanted to make it all about her husband. Three months before the wedding preparations started, Elizabeth started training herself a new skill.

16. Scott is Deaf

What we didn’t mention is that Scott is deaf. Elizabeth says that she didn’t know how to make a single word in sign language before she met him but now, she is doing her best to learn more.

15. Sign Language

Without telling anyone about it, Elizabeth signed up for a sign language class. The most amazing thing about this is that the reason why Elizabeth was learning sign language is because she wants to “sing” a song for her husband.

14. Love Song

‘He has never heard the words to a song before so I wanted to translate this for him,’ said Elizabeth. However, translating a song into sign language is no easy task and Elizabeth needed to practice a lot.

13. Walking Down The Isle londa

The wedding ceremony starts and Elizabeth walks down the isle with her son by her side. She looks beautiful in her wedding dress and all her friends and family members are taking pictures of her. However, the big moment has yet to come.

12. Big Smile londa

This is the first time that Scott sees Elizabeth wearing a wedding dress and he can’t do anything but smile. His soon to be wife is gorgeous and in that moment, he is the happiest man on the planet!

11. Special Surprise londa

Instead of going next to Scott, Elizabeth stops and tells everyone that she has a big surprise. She remembers to this day that she was super nervous. All the time she spent training in sign language was finally going to pay off!

10. Sign Language londa

No one knew what Elizabeth wanted to do, but it all made sense when she started moving her hands. She wanted to “sing” something to her husband who has never heard the lyrics of a love song before.

9. Amazing Moment londa

Elizabeth started translating the lyrics to 1000 Years by Christina Perri which is a famous love song that is played at weddings. No one could believe that Elizabeth was actually doing this and everyone pulled out their phones to film the special moment.

8. Emotional Moment londa

The woman was so nervous that her hands were shaking. She said that she wanted to get the entire song right, especially since Scott’s friends who were also deaf were in the crowd. She didn’t want to make any mistakes.

7. Scott is Crying londa

As we can see in this picture, Scott was moved to tears. He never expected that his soon to be wife would learn sign language just for him.

6. Moved to Tears londa

Scott wasn’t the only one who started crying, everyone who was invited to the wedding was moved to tears. This is a special moment and there is no doubt about that.

5. Great Wife londa

In that moment, Scott knew that he picked the right woman to be his wife. Seeing how much time Elizabeth put into learning sign language made him love her even more!

4. Fun Times londa

After Elizabeth finished translating the love song for Scott, she told everyone to wipe their tears away because the fun is about to begin. They reserved a restaurant where they were going to throw a huge party.

3. The Party

Even though was crying a couple of hours ago, he was no having the time of life. More important, he was having the time of his life with his wife by his side.

2. Lovely Couple

Elizabeth and Scott make for a lovely couple and there is no doubt about that. These two were meant for each other!

1. Making Headlines londa

The story of how Elizabeth learned sign language in secret in order to surprise her husband made headlines all over world. Nonetheless, let’s hope that the newly weds are going to have lots of fun on their honeymoon.

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