Hudson Woods Retreat Brings You Close to Nature

Hudson Woods Retreat

Being close to nature is not so easy to do nowadays. Most of us live in big cities, in buildings made of concrete and glass, with nary a park in sight, let alone a forest. When we wish to get close to nature, we have to go hiking or camping in the woods. Still what if there was an alternative? The Hudson Woods Retreat aims to be that alternative for those who wish to remake their ties to nature.


This particular retreat is part of a  larger residential project that is located 100 miles away from New York. The project includes 26 modern and energy efficient homes. The aim of this project is to take us away from the hassle and bustle of the city, before setting us down in an environment where we can rediscover what is really important to us. Such things can include, but are not limited to family, nature,  freedom, hobbies and long-forgotten passions.

Hudson Woods Retreat

The Hudson Woods Retreat places an important emphasis on responsible land use. It encourages active forest management and on-site agriculture. Moreover, the project is constructed in such a way as to protect the natural beauty of the surroundings.

Though it is set in nature, the retreat is not rustic in the slightest. Instead, it aims to provide a modern and comfortable alternative to living in the city. Talking about the retreat, the project developers said that: “The interior is modern and warm, with an abundance of local white oak surfaces and details. Throughout the home, craft is on display from solid wood doors with sand cast bronze hardware to custom freestanding kitchen island and pantry units produced in collaboration with local craftsmen”.  All in all, the place fits the image of charming nature retreat perfectly.

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