How to Be Stylish with Braided Hair

How to Be Stylish with Braided Hair

cute way to wear braided hair

Braided hair is probably one of the hottest trends in hairstyling at the moment. Wherever you look, you see a braid: on the runways, on the streets, on the internet. Some of those braided hairstyles can be really intricate and hard to obtain if you’re on your own and don’t have a hairstylist. However, there are many other ways to wear braided hair and those are easier to do. You just need some patience and some basic hair products.

Here are a few easy ideas on how to wear braided hair.

1. Braided Hair and Bun

This one is especially easy to do and also really cute. All you have to do is create a nice bun on the top of your head, without using all your hair. Leave a few strands and braid them. After you’ve done your braid and your bun, simply twirl the braid around the bun.

braided hair and bun

2.Braided Hair Headband

With this style you kill two birds with one shot because it combines two of the hottest trends: braids and headbands. Simply braid a few strands of hair  and secure it on the top of your head instead of a headband. You can make them however thick you want them too. Chic and easy!

braided hair band

3.Braided Hair with a Romantic Feel

This easy to make hairstyle will guarantee you a romantic look, which will probably turn heads as you walk down the streets. All you have to do is braid your hair freely so it looks really relaxed and made without too much effort. For a cute finish, you can add a flower in your hair!

romantic braided hair

4.Braided Hair with a Punk Vibe

Braided hair doesn’t necessarily mean you have to adopt a romantic hairstyle. You can easily turn a braid into a edgy, punk-rock chic hairstyle. Braid the hair on the top of your head and tie into a sleek high ponytail. You get an amazing look in a matter of minutes.

punk braided hair

Summer is all about a relaxed and casual look. With braided hair, not only do you manage to have that look but also you rock this trend just like those models on the runways of the greatest fashion houses. Whether you choose a bun or a ponytail, make sure to wear it with attitude! What’s your favorite braided hairstyle?

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