House Zochental: A Green Heaven in the City

House Zochental: A Green Heaven in the City

House Zochental

Aalen is a city located in eastern Germany. It can be found 48 km north from Ulm and 70 km east from Stuttgart. In this city, the architects and designers of Liebel Architekten BDA, tackled on an amazing project that was later named House Zochental. The steep escarpment made many architects turn down the project. However, Liebel architects saw this as a challenged and built the house on the slope. The escarpment works beautifully with the design of the house, sealing its southern side completely and giving it privacy. The ambiance of the location is quiet and tranquil. The design of the house is modern and seems to continue naturally with the gardens outside.

House Zochental in Aalen

House Zochental  interconnects with the garden. The large windows allow natural light inside and the doors can be opened at any moment in order to make the transition from the living space to the garden outside. The sentiment of blending with the nature can be felt best in the kitchen. There the modern appliances allow you to create the perfect meal, while gazing at the panoramic view and the lush vegetation.


The main floor houses the living room and the kitchen. Both are airy and bright thanks to the floor-to-ceiling glass doors and windows. Due to the placement of the windows, the seasonal changes of the light can be seen in every room. Moreover, as day turns into night, the dimming of the light is displayed in a breathtaking experience.

Living space

The first floor accommodates the bedrooms and several bathrooms. The house has a flexible design and allows rooms to be interchanged. As children grow up, other rooms can be converted, including those on the ground level.

Stairs to the first floor

The building has an L shape. In this way it is protected from the wind. Moreover, it allows access to all sides of the garden. Would you like to live in House Zochental?

( Source: Freshome and Archdaily; Image source: Freshome )

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