Hopetoun Avenue Residence Preserves Existing Tree

Hopetoun Avenue Residence Preserves Existing Tree

Hopetoun Avenue Residence

Sometimes, when we start working on a new home, we are forced to make concession between protecting nature and building our dream house. Trees have to be cut down, plants must be uprooted in order to give us the necessary space to place the foundation. However, as  B.E Architecture shows us, sometimes it is possible to blend a modern approach with a touch of nature.


The architectural firm’s Hopetoun Avenue Residence perfectly conserves a mature lemon-scented gum tree, while building the extensions of a renovated period home around it. The project has been recently completed and can be seen in Sydney, Australia. The addition is light and gentle, protecting the tree and highlighting the differences between the extensions and the solidity of the sandstone house. 

“With sensitivity to the site’s inherent strengths, the style embraces the preservation and integration of the established tree allowing it to remain the dominate function on the property.” said the architects of  B.E Architecture.

The covered outdoor spaces are literally built around the tree, aiming to encapsulate and frame the trunk. Timber-clad columns are made to recede in the background. A fine line of glazing opens to the yard, allowing the owners to access the natural environment from the interior as well.

The upper level of the Hopetoun Avenue Residence sits in the branches of the tree floating above the bottom structure. This particular setting give a wonderful view to the Sydney Harbor. “The roof is treated in a considered stone so that it is far more like landscaping adorned with the scattering of fallen leaves,” the architects added.

The additions to the house include an underground parking garage and a big suspended pool that does not damage the roots of the tree. “The addition is a soft integration creating strong architectural expression that blends into its surroundings and preserves the fabric of the original constructing,” is also written on the company’s web site.

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Source and Images: dailytonic.com and decorzy.com


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