Hoodie Lets You Carry Your Cat in a Pouch

Hoodie Lets You Carry Your Cat in a Pouch

Hoodie with cat pouch

Carrying your pet around with you is not quite as easy as it may sounds. Sometimes you need to use plastic boxes that are heavy and hard to carry. Moreover, they make your pets uncomfortable. Other times you pay a lot on money on special handbags that look indeed nice, but are just as hard to carry due to their size. Unihabitat is a design brand from Japan that came up with the idea of a hoodie that would let owners carry their cats in a much easier way.

The design brand’s aim is to create clothing and furniture designed especially for pets. As such, when the problem of cat transportation came in their mind, they designed a very adorable hoodie:  ‘Mewgaroo.’ What makes this hoodie incredibly cute is the fact that it is cat shaped and has paw-like sleeves. Its functionality, though, comes in the form of a kangaroo pouch. Your cat can be placed there and carried around with ease. What’s more, you can even snuggle with your furry friend.

At need, the hoodie can also be used for small dogs. Of course, as you might expect, fur will gather in the pouch whenever your pet sits there. In order to solve this problem Unihabitat created a double layered pouch. One of the layers, the one that comes in contact with the animal is removable so you can easily get rid of the fur that gather there.

The entire design of the hoodie is created with both cats and owners in mind. The pet pocket means that your cat is snuggled inside its pouch, but what about your hands? Unihabitat made two additional pockets where you can place your hands to keep warm. Moreover, the hood’s drawstrings are very long and have fluffy balls at their tips in order to help your cat relax while it is being kept inside the pouch.

Would you buy such a hoodie for you and your pets?

Source and Images: boredpanda.com and laughingsquid.com

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