”Head Over Heels”: Oscar-nominated Animated Short About an Upside Down Relationship

head over heels

Following the story of a husband and wife who have grown apart over the years, ”Head Over Heels’‘ is a student film that went on to win important awards around the world and even received an Oscar nominalization.

Premiered in 2012 at the Cannes Film Festival, the 10-minute stop motion animation was made by Timothy Reckart (who was named this year one of “10 Animators to Watch’’ by Variety)  at the National Film and Television School in the U.K.

Although it has no dialogue, ‘’Head Over Heels’’ is an affective film whose action takes place in a bizarre reality where middle-aged Walter and his ex-ballet dancer wife Madge have drifted apart to the extent that one lives on the other’s ceiling in a floating house.

After it has gone through different stages (a festival film, an Oscar nominee, playing in mainstream cinemas with other nominees, available with payment on iTunes and Amazon) ‘’Head Over Heels’’ is now available online. In March this year, Reckart has put together a website (www.headoverheels.tv) that besides the film it collects a number of extras including a director’s commentary, an audio documentary on the making of soundtrack and ‘‘Heels over Head”, an alternate version of the film flipped upside-down!


HEAD OVER HEELS from Timothy Reckart on Vimeo.

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