Groovy Photos That Bring Back Good Memories

Groovy Photos That Bring Back Good Memories

The good ol’ times—an expression we use to describe the nostalgia we feel reminiscing about the past. A feeling that brings you right back to a special moment in time, almost as if you have a time machine. Whether it’s a smell, a taste, or a picture that brings you back to the best of times, it’s always an adventure walking down memory lane.

Remembering the most iconic people and places of the grooviest era of all time is a trip, because once you get started, you won’t want to turn back. Let’s look at some of history’s most nostalgic moments; from the musical to the magical, you won’t be disappointed.

Clint Eastwood—Rome, 1960

Clint Eastwood found his fame after starring in 1960’s Western films, continuing his success with the multiple Dirty Hairy films in the 70’s and 80’s. But before the peak of his career, he was photographed in Rome, skateboarding through the streets, free and careless. Throughout his career, he transitioned from only acting into acting and directing. In total, he directed over 30 films.

Michael Jackson and Steven Tyler

Both Michael Jackson and Steven Tyler are music legends, and as you can see here, the two were friends. This picture was snapped at the world-famous club, Studio 54 during the opening year 1977. Studio 54 was known for being a judgment free zone that had many celebrities swarming it.

Jim Morrison and Ray Manzarek

Image: Pinterest

Oh, nothing to see here, just two members of one of the most famous rock bands in history, The Doors. Jim Morrison and Ray Manzarek are pictured here at the original Hard Rock Café in 1969 enjoying a beverage and some conversation. Jim Morrison often joked about joining the 27 club, the famous age that many actors and entertainers tragically die, only to join it a few years after this photo was taken.

Jim Morrison And His Car

In 1969 when the Shelby GT500 Mustang was released everyone went wild for the unique limited edition car–especial Jim Morrison. Snagging one of the 2,000 made, Morrison is seen here cruising in his prized possession.

Young Mick Jagger

This photo looks like it’s straight out of a family photo album! A young Mick Jagger is photographed playing his guitar putting on a show in 1955. As you can see here, he’s been an entertainer all his life.

Rock n Roll Meet and Greet

A truly historic moment when the rock band The Runaways med Led Zeppelin’s leading man, Robert Plant in 1970.

Harrison Ford Before Star Wars

Before Harrison Ford became Harrison Ford as we know him, talented actor and Star Wars legend, he was a carpenter. Here, he’s pictured with friends on a job.

Star Wars Line

Speaking of Star Wars, here is one of the best images we’ve seen–the original fans! Taken in 1977, this image show the line for the opening day of the epic movie.

The Clinton’s, 1975

A glimpse back at the Clinton’s before they were married in the summer of 1975. Enjoying some volleyball with friends, this candid shot is a side of the Clinton’s rarely seen.

Muhammad Ali Pool Training

Muhammad Ali was arguably the best American boxer, perhaps even the best boxer in the world. The amazing boxer won an Olympic Gold metal by the time he was 18 and by 1974, he had won the Heavyweight Championship.  A young Ali is pictured here training in the pool at the Sir John hotel in Miami, Florida in 1961.


One of the most iconic pop stars of all time, Cher has had one of the longest reigning music careers of all time. The original Pop Princess, Cher is photographed here on a psychedelic two piece during a performance in 1973.

Victoria Principal

Actress Victoria Principal was a prominent actress in the 70’s and  80’s, best known for her longtime role on the Soap Opera, Dallas. The show spanned for nearly 10 years, rising her to stardom in 1978. However, this photograph was taken five years before she got her big break when she was shooting promotion for a movie called The Naked Ape.

Jon Voight and Marcheline Bertrand

Two actors that went on to create another generation of actors, Jon Voight and Marcheline Bertrand are pictured here at a fundraiser that took place in Madison Square Garden in 1972. The parents of Angelina Jolie married at a young age and later divorced due to Jon’s infidelities.

Johnny Cash and His Cake

If this picture doesn’t scream pure joy, I’m not sure what does. Johnny Cash was music legend, selling more than 90 million records worldwide during his career. He made strides within the country music community but maintained heavy inspiration from the blues, rock n’ roll, and even gospel. So much so, that he was inducted into all three Hall of Fame’s.

Cash’s unique voice combined with the heartfelt and deep songs he wrote brought him much success in Hollywood, and he wasn’t shy about showing how much he was enjoying it. A known party animal, Cash is pictured here with a face full of strawberry cake— a photo that would later become the art for the back his 1971 album, “Strawberry Cake”.

Michael Jackson: The Beginning Years

There aren’t many people on earth who don’t know who Michael Jackson is, as he rose to stardom at a young age. At the tender age of five, Michael’s father, Joe Jackson, recognized the talent his children possessed and urged them to create a band. Founded by Michael’s three older brothers, The Jackson Five became a band in 1964. A little while later, Michael and his younger brother joined, and it didn’t take long before Michael became the star. They began performing at talent shows, winning most they entered.

In 1967, the group was signed to Steeltown Label and released two singles. However, they didn’t find mass success until two years later when they left their original label and signed with the famous Motown Records. Pictured above is Michael during the early days at Motown when he was just a child.

John Lennon Before the Beatles

In 1958 before the world knew about John Lennon or the Beatles, this photograph was snapped when he was a part of the group called the Quarrymen. Pictured with his first wife Cynthia Powell Lennon, John plays the guitar with friends, a private moment that the couple wouldn’t have much more of. Two years after this picture was taken Lennon co-founded the Beatles, and by 1962 the couple was expecting a son, Julian.

Unfortunately, Lennon was notoriously cold to both his son and wife, behavior that would eventually inspire Paul McCartney to write the song “Hey Jude”. The couple later divorced due to John’s abuse and infidelity with Yoko Ono, behavior that he would take years to regret. In an interview with David Sheff for Playboy Magazine in 1981, Lennon admitted to his past behavior revealing the meaning behind the song “Getting Better, “I used to be cruel to my woman, and physically—any woman. I was a hitter. I couldn’t express myself and I hit. I fought men and I hit women. That is why I am always on about peace.”

Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka

Roald Dahl’s legendary children’s book “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” came out in 1964, winning a place in the hearts of many children around the world. When the book was adapted into the film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory  in 1971, Gene was cast as the eccentric, wacky, downright strange character Willy Wonka. Wonka let five children into his Chocolate Factory, in hopes of passing it on to one of them. The wacky fantasy musical is like a child’s dream, full of mystery and magic.

Wilder beat out some of Hollywood’s hottest stars at the time, winning the spot after reciting only a few lines to director Mel Stuart. The film was somewhat of a commercial success during its original run but found most of its success during re-runs and as at home entertainment. The role was Wilder’s most popular performance, but he continued to find success afterward.

Daisy Duke

Catherine Bach won over the hearts of many American’s, hitting the height of her success in 1979 when she starred as Daisy Duke, on The Dukes of Hazzard. The Dukes of Hazzard  ran for seven seasons on the American network station CBS, making such a lasting impression on American culture that it still influences fashion today.

Bach’s character Daisy was such a bombshell that her famous short-shorts are now iconically known as “Daisy Dukes”. Daisy and her cousins, Bo and Duke, evade trouble in their fictional town of Hazzard County. The original idea for Daisy was a Dolly Parton look-alike that would have somewhat of a proper yet sexy look, yet when Bach entered the studio everything changed. She not only got the role right on the spot, she impressed everyone so much that much of Daisy’s image is based on her personality and personal style. She became so well-known, that during her time on the show she insured her legs for over $1 million dollars.

Frank Sinatra & JFK

It’s no surprise that two of the most influential people in the public eye during the 1960’s ran in the same social circle, but it is surprising to see a moment such as this snapped at the perfect time. Frank Sinatra, one of the best-selling musicians of all time, sits here, lighting the cigarette of JFK, the year he was elected President of the United States.

Sinatra and JFK were close friends, with Sinatra even helping with campaign troubles. Unfortunately, their friendship didn’t last long, as its speculated that the power houses eventually grew too jealous of each other. But before the two stopped hanging out and being photographed together, Sinatra introduced JFK to Marilyn Monroe.

 Robert Plant Connecting with Nature

During what most Led Zeppelin fans would call their most spiritual performance of 1973, a dove landed on lead singer Robert Plant’s hand while he sang for thousands of people. Plant is superstitious and into mythology, as are most of his fans, so this dove was more than just a coincidence, it was a sign. Of what? Who knows, but that doesn’t really matter.

It wasn’t really that crazy, as his team thought releasing doves on stage would enhance the viewers’ experience, and it did. Regardless of the spiritual importance, the photographer caught an amazing shot of the young rock star which would become one of his most popular images.

Mrs. Fields

Every had a Mrs. Fields cookie? Well if you have, then you can thank this woman, Debbi Fields. Of course, this was Debbi before she became the Queen of the cookie industry, when she was one of the first ball girls, ever. She was a ball girl for the Oakland A’s in 1969 but wouldn’t start her cookie empire until she married someone who taught her a little about the business side of things.

At the tender age of 19 Debbie married a man ten years her senior, Randall Keith Fields. Randall was a Stanford graduate that founded the investment firm Fields Investment Group and together, they began Mrs. Fields and opened their first store in Palo Alto, California. The store was a hit and before they knew it, they were a multi-million dollar company. The family moved to Park City Utah in 1982 and brought the company headquarters with them. They sold the company in the 1990’s to an investment firm, which left them with millions.

The Original Series

In 1966 Star Trek  the TV series aired on NBC for a total of three seasons. Although the show wasn’t an initial hit, it would later become the start to an empire, if you will. The franchise was created by Gene Roddenberry, an American screenwriter and producer. Pictured here, are the main men of the original series, DeForest Kelley, William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy.

On break, someone snapped this iconic photo of the men pretending to shave with their phasors, a glimpse into behind the scenes rarely seen. The photo was taken in 1968 near the end of the series before these actors knew just how big the franchise was going to be.

The Three King’s

All three generations of Kings, in one single photograph. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is pictured with his father, Martin Luther King Senior, and his son, Martin Luther III. Martin Luther King Jr. is one of the most famous Civil Rights activists, winning a Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts in fighting racial inequality non-violently.

A Young Ozzy Osbourne

Looking at a young picture of Ozzy Osbourne is always a time capsule because it takes us right back to Black Sabbath days. Ozzy helped form the English metal band back in 1968 and they continued to make commercial hits until nearly 10 years later in 1979 when Ozzy was kicked out of the band for his drug and alcohol abuse.

Most of the members of Black Sabbath, even though they were constantly rotating, were into drugs, often unable to accomplish much of anything. Although Ozzy struggled with addiction, he went on to have a successful solo singing career. So successful in fact, that he was crowned the “king of heavy metal” by many metal fans.

Acid Hit, $1.00


The 1970’s was a different time in cultural history, a moment in time when love was freely expressed, and people were more willing to share their drugs for deals. As you can see here, some lovely hippies wanted to spread the love by offering hits of acid for only a $1.00. Of course, this couldn’t have happened anywhere but a festival—the Power Ridge Rock Festival in 1970.

However, the festival didn’t go as planned. The shows were canceled last minute, yet nearly 30,000 people didn’t get the memo and showed up anyways. Without music, food, or plumbing, there wasn’t much to do besides…you guessed it—drugs. The empty venue quickly turned into a physical drug market, with almost 70 dealers ready for customers.

Bridgette Bardot & Sean Connery 1968

The French model, actress, and singer, Bridgette Bardot was born in 1934 in Paris, France. The beautiful soon-to-be star caught her break when she starred in the movie “And God Created Woman”, a controversial film that launched her into the public eye. She continued to star in many French and international films until her retirement from the entertainment industry in 1973. Throughout her career she has been controversial, maintaining her sex-symbol status while also being charged and fined for ‘inciting racial hatred’ regarding a letter she had written to the Interior Minister of France. After her retirement and legal trouble, she became an animal rights activist.

However, before her retirement, she met Sean Connery during the filming of the 1968 British Western film Shakalo. Although the movie was certainly set up for success (staring two of Hollywood’s most famous actors at the time) it wasn’t as big of a commercial success as they thought it would be.

Tanya Roberts, Skateboarding—1970’s

Tanya Roberts, born as Victoria Leigh Blum, is an American actress and producer that rose to stardom in the 1980’s. she started her acting career in the mid 70’s, making a living by modeling and staring in off-Broadway productions. She’s best known for her character Stacy Sutton, in the 1985 James Bond movie A View to a Kill.

This photograph is special, not only because it’s a candid shot of Roberts enjoying some sun on a skateboard, but it was captured before her reality star status, giving us a glimpse of the young actress. In her later years, she’s best known for her spot on the hit comedy TV series, That 70’s Show, where she plays Midge.

Fashion Aid, London, 1985

It’s crazy how you can look at a photo and it can take you right back to a specific time and place. This place? Fashion Aid in London, 1985. The people? The iconic Boy George, Freddy Mercury, and Jane Seymour. Quite the loaded photo, this flashback is a time capsule for 80’s fashion and culture.

Nearly 5,500 people attending the charity concert organized to help bring resources to end the Ethiopian famine. The event quickly became known as the largest gathering of fashion icons ever and was held at the Royal Albert Hall. Over a billion people tuned in to watch the concert/event that would go on to raise $4 million for the relief effort.

Five Easy Pieces

Jack Nicholson starred in the 1970’s film Five Easy Pieces, a drama nominated for numerous awards, including four Academy Awards and five Golden Globes. Nicholson’s character, Bobby Dupea, hides his privileged status from his friends, working as an oil rigger. The film was so astounding that it was preserved by the Library of Congress in 2000.

Here, we can see Nicholson’s character screaming at a dog, taken right on set. Photos like these are always rare, and always a fascinating site to see.

Jimi Hendrix

In 1969 Jimi Hendrix became the highest paid artist, headlining at Woodstock for thousands of fans. Born in Seattle, WA Johnny Allen Hendrix, professionally known as Jimi, learned to play the guitar at the tender age of 15. He found inspiration from rock and electric blues, working with many artists, like Little Richard, during his short career.

His commercial success lasted about four years, from 1966 to 1970, until his death from asphyxiation from barbiturate use. His death saddens many, yet his legacy lived on. He was deemed “… the greatest instrumentalist in the history of rock music”, by the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. Here, we see Jimi in his prime at Woodstock.

Robin Williams Miming

Robin Williams was one of the most influential actors and comedians ever to grace the big screen, bringing laughs to millions and warming the hearts of anyone he met. He got his start as a stand-up comedian in San Francisco, California, making such a big splash he earned the recognition for leading the city’s comedy revival.  After gaining recognition for his improvisational skills, Robin’s moved to TV and film acting, staring in the Sci-fi TV hit Mork & Mindy.

He went on to have massive success in the entertainment industry, staring in many movies that became classics: Mrs. DoubtfireDead Poets SocietyAladdin, Jumanji, Good Will Hunting—I could go on and on forever. Robin Williams committed suicide on August 11th, 2014. Here, we celebrate him in happier times, miming in Central Park in 1974.

Star Wars Stars, Taking A Break

A true iconic candid shot, this photo captures one star-studded snack time. Stars from Star Wars: A New Hope, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, and Mark Hamill are seen enjoying a box of chocolates on set, in 1976. This photo is one of a few that Carrie Fisher had in a personal collection, which she graciously shared with the world right before her death in December 2016.

Fisher’s mother auctioned off these photographs after her death, before passing away just one day after her daughter. Harrison Ford gained massive recognition for his role as Hans Solo, going on to have an extremely successful career, five of his movies gaining spots on the 30 top grossing movies of all time. Mark Hamill was the infamous Luke Skywalker, and also went on to have a fruitful acting and voice acting career.

Bruce Lee, Being Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee, born as Lee Jun-fan, or 李振藩, was born in San Francisco, California, but was raised in Kowloon, Hong Kong. Extremely talented in many aspects of life, Lee was an actor, producer, martial artist, martial artist teacher, and even philosopher. He began his entertainment career as a child, staring in a few films.

Moving to the US when he was 18 to attend college at University of Washington, Lee single-handedly sparked a martial arts movement in the West during the 1970’s. He also changed the way martial arts and the Chinese culture were portrayed in American films. Here he is pictured in 1970, chilling, shirtless. Needless to say, he was a heart-throb for many women around the world.

Susan Sarandon

The well-known actress and activist Susan Sarandon got her start in the entertainment industry in the early 1970’s, her first film named Joe. Continuing to act, she got a starring role in the cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show in 1975. Soon after that, she starred in the classic film Thelma and Louise, giving her icon status as soon as it hit the big screen.

She gained major recognition for her work all the way through the 80’s and 90’s, being nominated for multiple awards and winning an Academy for Best Actress in 1995. Here, she’s pictured in her youth in 1974 during the time she was working on the TV movie, F. Scott Fitzgerald and ‘The Last of the Belles’.

The Late Hugh Hefner, 1970, Miami Beach

The ultimate ladies man, Hugh Hefner, pictured here in his prime in 1970 in Miami Florida displaying his catches. This classic Hugh Hefner shot shows Barbi Benton, Playmate and girlfriend at the time, next to the Playboy  founder after enjoying a day yachting and fishing.

Always having a knack for doing his own thing, Hugh Hefner began his own magazine company after being denied a raise working for Esquire. After winning the investment of $8,000 from 45 investors in 1952, Hefner began what would become the Playboy  Empire. Their first issue featured Marilyn Monroe and sold over 50,000 copies.

A Young Sally Field

Sally Field began her Hollywood career as a young actress, starring in many TV sitcoms before making her appearance on the big screen in 1977. Most of the sitcoms didn’t last long, but they brought her enough recognition and professional respect to achieve a role in Smokey and the Bandit, the start of a long and fruitful career.

Here, we see her in the 1970’s during a promotional photoshoot. Later in her career, she went on to win an Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance in Norma Rae. After playing Mrs. Gump in Forest Gump, she returned to TV staring in ER and Brothers & Sisters. In 2014 she received her Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Leonard Nimoy As Spock

Its almost as if Leonard Nimoy and Spock became synonyms, as his face was the face of the Star Trek empire. Here we see Nimoy getting his Spock haircut on set for one of the numerous shows where he played his famous character. He played the character from the start of the franchise, all the way until the final performance in 1969.

The connection between the actor and his most famous character was so strong that he went on to write two autobiographies titled I Am Not Spock (1975) and I Am Spock (1995). The love for Nimoy and Spock were so strong that an asteroid was named after him.

Janis Joplin Being Janis

Janis Joplin, known to friends as Pearl, was one of the most famous female rock stars of the 1960’s. Her raspy and edgy voice gave her a unique persona that was heavily influenced by rock, the blues, and soul. The young singer-songwriter made her debut performance at Monterey Festival in 1967 as the lead singer in the band Big Brother and the Holding Company.

With her success and popularity obvious, she left the band to go solo and made quite a name for herself in just three short years. She was instrumental in the rise of women’s sexual identity and made a splash with her unique aura, becoming a powerful young voice in the music industry. On October 4th, 1970 she was found dead in her hotel room from an accidental heroin overdose. Here, she’s photographed in happier times, kicking back with a bottle of Southern Comfort two years before her death.

A Young Obama

Before Obama was the President of the United States, he was an extremely intelligent and hardworking student. Here, he is pictured as a freshman college student in 1980. Moving to LA after high school, Obama attended Occidental College but by the time he was a junior had transferred to ivy league Columbia University. In 1983, he graduated and went on to work at the Business International Corporation as a financial researcher and writer.

Five years after graduating he enrolled in law school at Harvard University, where he would graduate and become a civil rights attorney. He continued to work in law teaching at University of Chicago Law before running for US Senate in 2004. Of course, he’s best known for winning the Presidential election in 2008 and 2012.

Debbie Harry

Here, we see the lead singer of the punk band Blondie, Debbie Harry, posing for cameras during a black and white photoshoot in 1975. The band gained most of its commercial success in late 1970’s and 80’s, with Harry taking a break to pursue a solo career in the 1990’s. One of the only bands to successfully make a revival, Blondie reunited in 1997 and had a number one record in the UK by 1999.

Nixon Before Resigning

Nixon doesn’t have the best wrap, considering he’s the only president that has been asked to step down following the Watergate scandal. Before that all happened, he used his presidential status to get himself a personal bowling alley in the white house basement, equipped with one lane and personalized bowling balls. Here, we see Nixon using his special bowling alley in 1970. The presidential bowling alley has gotten a few facelifts but remains relatively the same.

Dr. Seuss Creating Magic

Theodor Geisel, or most famously known as Dr. Seuss is arguably the most popular children’s book novelist to date. In total, he has sold over 600 million copies of his children’s books all of which were translated into more than 20 languages by the time he passed away. Here we see Dr. Seuss in action, creating the main character for his new book in 1957, The Grinch.

Barbara Streisand

Barbara Streisand is one of the most accomplished women in the entertainment industry, winning ten Grammy awards, two Academy Awards, five Emmy’s, and many, many more. An amazing singer and actress, Streisand has sold more than 68.5 million records in the US. The romantic musical Yentl gave Streisand the title of the first women to write, star, produce, and direct in a major film production in 1983. We see her here pictured smoking a cigarette, deep in thought during the 1970’s.

Behind the Scene of Abbey Road

Another rare photo, this shot is a behind the scenes look into the photo shoot for the 11th Beatles album, Abbey Road. By 2001 the album was certified platinum 12 times. The photo used for the album became an icon image around the world, making this one even more special.

Led Zeppelin Backstage

Led Zeppelin is seen here backstage posing for a photograph after their performance at the Pop Proms concert in 1969. Backstage at the Royal Albert Hall they kick back and reflect on the concert they just had, sharing with interviewers, “with everyone dancing around the stage. It was a great feeling. What could be better than having everyone clapping and shouting along? It’s indescribable, but it just makes you feel that everything is worthwhile.” The band would return to this hall the following year where they professionally recorded it for memories.

Jay Adams

Jay Adams was a young American skateboarder who helped revolutionize and popularize the professional skateboarding scene. He was known for his freestyle moves that were heavily inspired by surfing. He was the youngest member of the famous Zephyr Competition Skateboarding Team (Z-Boys), pictured here practicing his intense vertical moves in the 70’s.

Obama and Mom

Another picture of our favorite president, Obama is pictured with his mom, Ann Dunham, in 1985. His parents were ethically and culturally diverse, teaching Obama about the importance of different cultures and unity at a young age. His parents only stayed together for four years, divorcing when he was young. Remarrying, his mother moved the family to Indonesia, where Barack got even more exposure to different cultures.

 David Bowie

The English singer-songwriter David Bowie is critically and commercially known and respected for his innovation and influential music. In the 1970’s Bowie produced some of his most influential music and persona, this era being his most theatrical and progressive. Bowie stood for something new—he had a new stance on sexual identity and self-expression.

In his 1970’s album The Man Who Sold The World he debuted his new ultra-androgynous unapologetic self, which led him to icon status. His alter ego Ziggy Stardust was something the glam rock scene needed. David Bowie experimented with multiple music styles and techniques, always evolving, always pushing boundaries. He made music right up until his death in 2016.

Animal House

It doesn’t matter if you went to college or not, if you’ve seen Animal House, then you feel like you’ve been part of a frat. This epic and classic movie was directed by John Landis stars many young and up-and-coming actors, including John Belushi, Kevin Bacon, and Karen Allen. The Movie follows a group of young college men who join a fraternity and run around town trying to avoid getting into trouble.

The film was named one of the “100 Funniest Movies” by Bravo and even better, the United States Library of Congress selected it to be preserved in the National Film Registry. Overall, it grossed $141 million dollars.

Refueling Skates

A true time capsule, this image shows a salesman refueling his motorized roller-skates at a gas station in 1961. The backpack seen pictured has an engine in the back whichever so lightly pushes him along. The handheld clutch allows him to control his movements. What better way to sell something than by using it?

Marilyn Monroe and Her Ukulele

Marilyn Monroe has to be one of the most recognized faces in America, as she is still one of the most popular models to date. She stared in the 1969 film Some Like It Hot and is seen here posing for promotional photos for that film. Before she passed at the tender age of 36, Marilyn made a name for herself and women all throughout Hollywood.

Robert August, Mike Hynson & Bruce Brown

This classic photo shows director Bruce Brown and actors Mike Hynson and Robert August as they land in South Africa on location for the film Endless Summer, 1963. The three are seen holding their giant surfboards on the way to film the movie that would be deemed “the most influential surf movies ever” by most of its fans.

Holden Car Concept, 1969

Here is a photograph of the Hurricane, the most futuristic car design of its time. Created by the Holden Car Company in 1969, the Hurricane was progressive, attractive, and never before seen. It didn’t have normal doors, but rather doors that swung up when opened upward. It also had one of the first versions of a “pathfinder” using magnets to keep the driver on the road.

Arnold Palmer

One of America’s most famous golf players, Arnold Palmer is seen here smoking a cigarette on what appears to be a tarmac. The American golfer was charismatic and loved by many, so much so, his favorite beverage is now a nationally recognized drink. The half lemonade and iced tea combination is not only delicious and refreshing, but it makes Arnold Palmer even more of an icon.

Paul Newman

Not only was Paul Newman a world renown actor and voice actor, but he was a singer and philanthropist for most of his life, as well. Winning many awards throughout his career, Newman also had a fancy for racing and was in IndyCar owner. He raced for much of his later years, racing for the last time in 2007. He also started a non-profit food company that donates all proceeds (after taxes of course) to charities. Also, did we mention, he was a babe? The evidence is photographed here.

Star Wars Kickback

Who wouldn’t want to be invited to one of these Star Wars kickbacks?! With these prominent movie stars, the conversation over a beer must have been interesting. Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher had a long and somewhat private affair while filming the first installment, a secret kept for 40 years until the release of her autobiography, The Princess Diarist.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

A perfectly candid shot, here we see Arnold Schwarzenegger in awe after stepping on the streets of New York City for the first time. The young man seen here had a hard childhood, growing up poor and in a strict home. His father was a Nazi, making life at home difficult and unpleasant, perhaps why the young Arnold started focusing on weight lifting at only 15. Winning many body competitions in his 20’s, Arnold began his transition into acting in 1982 with the epic Conan and the Barbarian.

Dr. No

During the first James Bond Movie Dr. No the cast was on location in beautiful Jamaica, actor Sean Connery and director Terence Young chatting about—who knows. Most likely how the production was going. This movie was the one to set the tone for the James Bond theme song and had a budget of $1.1 million, grossing nearly $60 million.

18-Year-Old George Harrison

George Harrison was one of the first members of the Beatles, he was apart of the band before it was even called the Beatles. He was only 15 when he joined Paul McCartney and John Lennon as the Quarrymen. Here he is pictured at 18 in Hamburg, Germany.

Michael Jordan, 1983

In 1982 Michael Jordan won the NCAA Championship with the game-winning shot. He continued to play at North Carolina for three seasons and was drafted to the Chicago Bulls in 1984. Oh yeah—he then went on to become one of the best basketball players in history. Here, we see an 18-year-old Michael playing arcade games.

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