Glimpse Of Mafia 3

Glimpse Of Mafia 3

2k games released the first trailer of Mafia 3 on 5th August 2015 which is a sequel to the hit game Mafia 2 . The awaited title will release in 2016, but the exact date is not yet confirmed.
There is also a short story of the g
ame revealed by the company. Here it is:

            “Orphaned as a child, Lincoln at last achieves a semblance of family with the city’s black mob, finding the surrogate father and brother he has longed for. But when Lincoln’s new family is betrayed and slaughtered by the Italian mob, he becomes fixated on revenge and wages a brutal war against the Italians, disrupting the balance of power in the seedy underworld of New Orleans. As the story progresses, Lincoln allies himself with other criminals and builds an empire and a new family of his own that transforms the city.”

Lincoln return to New Orleans after the war. The city is being controlled by black mob. Prostitution, gambling and murder is way more common then ever. Corrupted police is being fed on payroll.
Lincoln seeks revenge for the murder of his family committed by the Italian Mob. There’s also a famous line in the trailer which describes the story:

             “Family in who you are born with, is who you die for”.

Well, that is all the information we’ve got for Mafia 3 right now. Sit back and relax, there will be more soon.

Katie Zahel
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