Flooding Trapped Bakery Staff For Two Days. They Spent It Baking For Harvey Victims.

Flooding Trapped Bakery Staff For Two Days. They Spent It Baking For Harvey Victims.

In the past couple of weeks the world has watched in horror as natural disasters have been ravaging many U.S. states and South American countries. Hurricane Harvey was the first major hurricane to hit the states since 2005, and it left many Texans in dangerous flood conditions. Harvey was a category 3 hurricane that left an estimated $70 billion in damages, as well as taking at least 70 lives.

In the wake of such horrific disaster, something amazing happened. It’s no secret that this country has faced some serious political and social tension this past year, but when hurricane Harvey victims needed help the most, the people of Texas came together to help each other out. This year has truly been a test of America’s humanity, and these Texans have set the perfect example.


This story begins with a group of bakers from the El Bolillo Bakery, who due to the wrath of Harvey, were trapped inside their workplace for two days straight. They were terrified but didn’t let that get in the way of helping others.


They didn’t just wait to be rescued, they immediately got to work baking things for the displaced hurricane victims! The bakery reported that the four bakers worked nonstop for 24 hours straight, trying to provide as much food as they could for those in need. Over 50,000 Houston residents have been displaced due to the storm, losing everything in the flood, including their food resources.


The bakers and store manager Brian Alvarado didn’t realize how bad the storm was going to get as they got caught up trying to fulfill orders , and before they knew it they were trapped. The owner of the Bakery Kirk Michaelis reported to CBS News that the bakers were trapped with no exits as the rain that dropped over 10 inches in three hours blocked the doors.


Everyone wanted to get home to their families and desperately wanted to know if their loved ones were safe, but they knew they were trapped. Instead of panicking, they baked. They channeled their nervous energy into charitable work.


All the bakers knew locals were about to face some serious hardship so they wanted to make sure they did their part to help the community that just lost everything. For 48 hours they baked, and baked, and baked. Using a total of 4,400 pounds of flower to create as many baked goods as they could.


When Michaelis was able to reach his staff on Monday morning, he was expecting the worst. Instead, he was welcomed to a bakery filled with fresh baked goods ready to be shipped off to those in need. He was pleasantly surprised to find that although they had damp floors, the bakery never lost power.


As soon as they could, Michaelis and staff brought the baked goods to shelters, police departments, and nursing homes. The humble bakers insist they are nothing like the hero’s working day and night to rescue people, but are glad they can help do their part. However, their gracious act has won over the Internet and many deem them local hero’s.


Even former Mexican President Vicente Fox Quesada shared his support of their kindness. The Bakery is now open again, as busy as ever trying to provide for their community.


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