Fennec Fox, a Sweet Exotic Pet

Fennec Fox, a Sweet Exotic Pet

Fennec fox is a small nocturnal fox native to most areas in Sahara desert (North Africa). These little animals have a specific funny look with small body and very large ears. Weighing up to 3 pounds (1,3 kg) the Fennec fox is the smallest of the wild canidae family.

Baby Fennec fox

Baby Fennec fox. Photo source: fennecfoxes

The ears, which can grow up to 6 inches long, act as radiators that helps the fennec to cool in the desert heat. Their ears are very sensitive to the slightest sound and aid the fennec to hear the underground prey or the predators.

The fennec fox’s coat has a beige predominant color that deflects heat during the day. Indigenous people of North Africa hunt fennec for their fur, but because hunters have a difficulty in capturing them, the species is not yet in danger of extinction.

Although are classified as nocturnal, these little animals have a special love for sleeping and playing in the sun. They are also famous for their capacity to dig long tunnels under the sand.

Fennec foxes as pets

Due to their sweet look and playful character, fennec foxes attract many people to keep them as pets. If raised as a baby, the fennec will prove to be a lovely companion.

Many people say the foxes are something between cats and dogs. They have the energy and playfulness of dogs and can make a variety of sound including barking. On the other side, they are agile, independent when they want to be, but love to be stroked, which makes them very similar with cats.

No matter how sweet they might be, these little animals can be finicky sometimes. This is why people who want a fennec as pet must take into consideration the following aspects:

i)  The lifespan of a fennec in captivity is between 12 and 16 years. You must be aware it is a very serious commitment with this kind of pet.

ii)  In some countries like Canada, Australia, and few states in USA it is illegal to own a fennec fox as a pet. Some states in USA require special permits.

iii)  Taking care of them is very time consuming. Being wild animals they need more play than dogs or cats to keep them interested in humans. However, most of the time they do enjoy sleeping.

iv)  Although they can be left alone in the house, windows and doors must be kept closed. If they escape it is very probable they won’t return because their natural instincts may take over.

v) They cannot be left alone for long periods of time.

vi) It is not safe to leave small children alone with fennec. If the child hurts the fox in his play, he/she can be hurt back by the fennec.

vii) Fennec must not have access to birds because they can eat them. They can get well with cats and dogs.
Take a look at this video with a sweet little fennec full of energy.

If you are decided to properly treat and take care of a fennec fox, you will be a happy owner of a special animal. What is your opinion about keeping a little wild fox as pet?

Fennec Fox

Photo source: africanbushmeat

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