Fashionable Outfit- What to wear today?

Fashionable Outfit- What to wear today?

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A  fashionable outfit–  all women confront daily with this pressing issue. They have a closet full of clothes, and nothing to wear! Actually, they do have what to wear, it’s all about imagination and accessorizing. Have a look in the depths of your closet and mix and match your clothes. You will definitely find a fashionable outfit that makes you feel confident and beautiful.

Here are some ideas for a fashionable outfit that can easily be made out of pieces found in every woman’s closet.

1.     Fashionable Outfit for a Cozy Day

Open your closet and pick your favorite jumper or even a chic sweatshirt. Add your some skinny jeans, especially if your jumper has volume, to create some dimension to your fashionable outfit! Put on a pair of Converse or snickers and you have your basic outfit. Now add some jewelry, something simple, you wouldn’t want to go over the top with this outfit.

fashionable outfit for a cozy day


2.     Fashionable Outfit for a Rainy Day

Start with a cute, woolen jumper and add a pair of black pants: skinny jeans or jeggins. Add some boots. A pair of Wellington boots would be perfect for a rainy day but you can also use leather ones. Be sure to add a pop of color to your fashionable outfit whether on your boots or your raincoat! Grab an umbrella and rock your outfit!

fashionable outfit for a rainy day

3.     Fashionable Outfit for a Sunny Day

The possibilities are endless when it comes to a sunny day! You can create a fashionable outfit starting with a dress you love and pairing it with platform sandals or by wearing a pair of shorts with a blouse you like! Accessories are extremely important as they can turn your outfit around! Use them cautiously, otherwise the effect could be unflattering!

fashionable outfit with dressfashionable outfit with shorts

What you have to keep in mind is the fact that you can create impressive, fashionable outfits just by letting  your imagination roam wild and mixing and matching your clothes. There’s always something in your closet that is just waiting to be donned. Be brave and wear whatever combination makes you happy! Do you like to mix and match?

fashionable outfit comfy day

 cute fashionable outfit

fashionable outfit combination

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