Fashion Rules Meant to Be Broken

Fashion Rules Meant to Be Broken

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Fashion rules are basically another way in which society interferes with your preferences and individuality, setting paths that you’re expected to follow. Don’t wear stripes with polka dots! Don’t wear red with pink, don’t wear red lipstick before 5 p.m and so on. As with any other rules, fashion rules  are meant to be broken. Try thinking a bit less about how you’re supposed to wear something and more about how you want to wear it!

Here are a few examples of fashion rules that you can break without thinking twice!1. Always match your shoes with your belt and your purse

Well, not really. This rule simply has to be broken. While it was a staple of class back in the 60’s ( Jackie Kennedy is a great example of successfully coordinating her accessories), nowadays it tends to be a bit outdated. Instead of matching everything perfectly, you should play with your accessories to create a more playful and modern outfit.

2. Don’t mix black and navy, or black and brown

In theory, you should only pick one neutral color when creating an outfit and highlight it with bright colors. Two neutral colors in one outfit clash! However, when wearing black with navy or brown, make sure to add more than a brown/navy piece. For instance, navy dress with black tights and a navy scarf will make for a stylish outfit, not for one that looks  wrong and random.

3. Don’t wear white in cooler seasons

For years and years, this rule seemed to be followed cautiously, as everyone was packing away white cardigans and dresses with the arrival of September. However, you can and should wear white all year round! Just make it season appropriate! Wear oversized comfy white sweaters in winter and simple cardigans in spring!

4. Don’t mix gold with silver!

Actually, all metallics are neutral, so you can mix them without a problem. They do have to make sense in the overall outfit. Stylists recommend wearing odd numbers when it comes to metallic accessories: 2 golden bracelets – a silver one, this way you create a modern look.

There are many more fashion rules, but they don’t have to be followed religiously. Create your own fashion rules when it comes to your personal style and be as bold as you please! What other fashion rules meant to be broken do you know?


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