Fascinating Facts about Ancient Egypt

Fascinating Facts about Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt, view on the pyramids
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Even though this might seem surprising, Ancient Egyptians are the ones who invented clocks, the 365-day calendar and even the toothpaste. Egyptians were among the first people who invented writing and paper. This civilization is responsible with the nowadays banal 24 hour division of the day. And there are many other interesting facts about Ancient Egypt, facts which anyone should know.

Ancient Egypt constructions
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In Ancient Egypt, both men and women used to wear makeup. Egyptians believed that makeup had healing powers. Actually, the high temperatures in Egypt made people wear makeup as a form of protection from the sun, too.

Makeup in Ancient Egypt
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Art was important for this ancient civilization. Egyptians invented the art of painting, cement and the first glass and faience objects in the world.

The way people dressed in Ancient Egypt is extremely interesting. Egyptian children were no clothing at all, until their teen years. Because of the hot temperatures men wore skirts and women wore dresses. Rich Egyptians were easy to set apart. They could be recognized simply because of their wigs. People from other social classes were their hair long or in pigtails. Ancient Egyptian men commonly lived up to 35 years, while women up to 30.

Clothing in Ancient Egypt
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In Ancient Egypt women had both legal and economical rights. They were considered to be equal to men. The first recorded strike in the world was organized by these people.

Mummification was highly important for this civilization. When a body was mummified, the brain and the intestines were removed. The heart was considered to be the organ of both intelligence and emotion. This is why this was the only organ left in the body during mummification. Pharaohs’ tombs included all the items thought they would need on the other world. Water, food, even clothing and games, were buried with them.

Mummification in Ancient Egypt
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Ancient Egyptians believed that the earth was flat and round. The Nile was found in the center of it, they claimed.

One of the most curious facts about Ancient Egyptians is that they actually loved beer. Even though the beverage was a little bit different from how we know it today, it did not miss from everyday diet.

Ancient Egypt represented one of the most advanced and impressive civilizations that has ever lived. Their legacy and culture could not be forgotten. What do you think about this civilization?

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