Famous Haunted Objects Around the Globe

Famous Haunted Objects Around the Globe

Haunted Objects

When we think of hauntings, we associate these events with houses, prisons or cemeteries. We link them to buildings where people have lived and died. Indeed, most hauntings shown on TV take place in such a building. However, hauntings can be linked with objects as well. A spirit or a demon can attach itself to any type of object be it a painting, jewelry, toys or even mirrors.

Discover below some of the most famous haunted objects know across the globe.

1. Anabelle the Possessed Doll

Anabelle is a Raggedy-Ann style doll bought by a woman in 1970 for her daughter who was in college. The daughter liked it and put it in her apartment. However, soon enough both she and her roommate started noticing strange things. The doll would move by itself, something crossing entire rooms to go from one to another without anyone touching it. One day, they even found the doll standing on its legs, an impossible feat for this type of doll.

A paranormal specialist told them the doll was haunted by the spirit of a little girl called Anabelle. The spirit apparently liked the girls and wished to stay with them. Granting it permission was a big mistake. Paranormal activity increased and the two girls sought the help of psychic investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. The duo soon found out the doll was in fact possessed by a demon who wanted to get close to the girls. The doll can now be seen at the duo’s Occult Museum in Connecticut. The sign on the glass reads, “Warning: Positively Do Not Open.” The doll is perhaps one of the most haunted objects in the world, seeing as movies have been made about it.

2. The “eBay Haunted Painting”

In 2000, an anonymous eBay seller added a painting by Bill Stoneham called “The Hands Resist Him.” Nowadays, this painting is considered to be one of the world’s most haunted objects. The painting depicts a boy and a creepy looking doll standing in front of a window. The couple who owned the painting added dire warnings about the object. They said the figures moved at night, sometimes disappearing from their canvas entirely. Small children were spooked on the spot by the painting and ran away screaming. Adults would feel hands grabbing them. The picture can now be found at an art gallery in Grand Rapids, MI.

3. The Cursed “Chair of Death”

Thomas Busby was a man convicted and sentenced to death in 1702. His last wish was a meal that he had at his favorite pub in Thirsk, England. When he rose from his chair, he said “May sudden death come to anyone who dare sit in my chair.” The chair remained in the pub and patrons would often dare one another to sit in the chair. During the Second World War, soldier who sat down in the chair never returned from the battlefield. Many died curious deaths soon after sitting in the cursed chair. The chair was donated to a museum in 1972. The curators hung it five feet in the air so that no one can sit on it. It is believed to be one of the most haunted objects in the world.

Do you know other haunted objects?

Source and Images: oddee.com , psmag.com and amazingbeautifulworld.com

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