Ettley Residence: A Blend of Wood and Glass

Ettley Residence: A Blend of Wood and Glass

Ettley Residence, exterior

The Ettley Residence is a famous luxury property located in California, in the United States. The house was designed by Studio 9one2 architects and is one of the most impressive modern residences in the beach area of the state. The aluminum and wood umbrella on the blue glass of this residence, as well as the strong wood boxes, give it the look of a modern seaside construction that perfectly blends in with the environment. Ettley Residence is placed in the immediate proximity of the Pacific Ocean.

Ettley Residence terrace

Ettley Residence is structured on three levels. Each level features numerous facilities. At its basement, the modern residence homes a gym, a family room, as well as a guest room. The first floor features a three car garage and three master bedrooms, all of them being really luxurious. On the second floor, there is a large dining and living area, separated by nothing but a unique glass bride. The master suite, located at the mid front level, features a glass floor sitting area, overlooking the beautiful garden below.

Ettley Residence, interior

Ettley Residence kitchen

The Ettley Residence is surrounded by a vertical bamboo garden with wood slats, which actually grow through the building. This offers privacy to the residence, but it also adds a fresh and innovative look to its unique design. From the large windows of the property, the surrounding nature can easily be admired.

Ettley Residence glass floor

Ettley Residence garden

The luxury residence has its living space at the top level, for inhabitants and guests to be able to admire the best ocean views. Just enjoy the unique details of this spectacular residence that can easily catch the eye! Would you like spend a weekend gateway near the ocean, at the luxurious Ettley Residence?

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