Embrace Your Shoe Addiction With These Perfect Everyday Heels

Whether you’re willing to admit it or not, a shoe addiction is a part of the fashion lover’s vices. Having a particular fondness for shoes is practically encrypted into our code, as shoes can truly make or break our fashion looks. With the spring season coming up, it’ll finally be time to put our winter boots aside and instead embrace the beauty of more open shoes. One of our favorite parts of the spring season is the color scheme, as pastels are so embraced in many looks. With the pastel color scheme in mind, we’ve discovered a stunning pair of heels that will give your spring wardrobe a brand new feel. The Loéil Creta Suede Mule is the perfect everyday heel for the spring season. The slip-on design of the mules makes them incredibly comfortable, while the low heel keeps them easy to walk on. The beautiful color of the mules will bring a spark of creativity to your spring outfits. The minimalist design of the shoe also makes it a closet staple piece, as basics are some of the most reliable pieces in our wardrobes. With suede also being a huge trend in the fashion world, it seems as if this one heel has incorporated all of the best aspects of a modern day shoe. The shoe is available on the Loéil site for $78, making them a bit of a splurge item for the spring. However, with the comfort and style brought together in this heel, how could one choose not to splurge?

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Remi Koene
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