Dog Adopts Orphan Baby Fox

Dog Adopts Orphan Baby Fox

Baby fox adopted by collie

Baby animals who lose their mothers have little chances of surviving on their own. Sometimes they have the luck of being found by animal protection organizations and nurtured until they grow strong and are able to survive by themselves. Other times, something unique happens and they get adopted by the most unlikely creatures imaginable. There have been accounts of cats adopting baby ducks, captive apes treating small kittens as their babes and most recently, a dog adopting a baby fox.

Dinozzo was a three week old fox cub whose mother was killed in a car accident. Fortunately for the baby fox, he was not left alone on the road. He was saved and handed over to a vet who later set him up for adoption. An animal loving couple from Germany fell in love with the little one and took him in. What they did not expect however, was for their dog, Ziva, to adore the little cub as well. The collie’s maternal instincts immediately kicked in upon seeing Dinozzo and she helped nursed him back to health.

Werner and Angelika Schmaing live in Oberscheld, Germany. They love animals of all kinds and apart from Ziva, they also own a Bengal cat named Leopold and two piglets. Although Leopold has also formed a tight friendship with Dinozzo, it was Ziva that helped him grow stronger. The bond between the two is so strong that the baby fox has started acting like a dog.

“Ziva and Leopold fell in love with the little fox immediately.The interaction of animals is very much like siblings in a family.They are mostly peaceful, often playful and sometimes tired – sleeping together in one place. Our collie acts as a foster mum for the little ones.” said Werner in an interview about his animals. “The fox has gotten used to getting in and out of the house through the cats door. We’ve decided to let him live like any other fox outside the house.”

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