DIY Fashion: 30 Creative Ideas

DIY Fashion: 30 Creative Ideas

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DIY fashion is the best choice if you’re looking to add some new pieces to your wardrobe. As trends change rapidly, staying stylish can be a challenge, especially if you don’t have an immense budget.

The solution is quite easy: look for outdated, basic pieces of clothing in your closet and upcycle them into brand new, trendy clothes. Instead of throwing them away, you can give them a makeover and use them! Whether it’s adding an accessory or cutting and sewing some fabric, DIY fashion is never outdated.

Here’s a list of creative DIY Fashion Ideas

#1. Glamourous Sequin Short

If you’re the kind of girl who enjoys the spotlight, a pair of sequin shorts might be a valuable addition to your wardrobe. All you need is sequined fabric, a sccisor and needle and thread. Sew the fabric into a short- shape and you’re done. An amazing piece that will turn heads!

DIY Fashion shorts

#2. Chic Military Clutch

Army print is a major trend this season. So why not wear it in a creative way? Use an old army print T-shirt and a zipper, sew them together and hit the streets! This DIY fashion idea will give your outfits some edge.

DIY fashion military clutch

#3. Metal Adorned Purse

A great way to spice up an otherwise bland and boring purse is by adding some pattern. Smash some old CD’s, paint them silver or gold and glue them onto your bag, creating a funky mosaic!

DIY fashion metal purse

#4. Sequin Sweater

Embellishment is a major trend in DIY fashion. Find an old, basic sweater and transform it into a fabulously adorned sequin sweater. Sew sequins on the sleeves and enjoy your brand new piece of clothing!

DIY fashion sweater

#5. Galaxy Print Shorts

As Sci-Fi and nerds gain more and more popularity, fashion trends follow! Use a pair of black shorts and add layers of fabric paint until the design pleases you. Then simply add some dots to double as stars and voila! A stylish diy fashion item of clothing.

diy fashion shorts

#6. Dripping Logo Shirt

Create a stencil of a logo of your choosing and spray paint it on a plain T-Shirt. The result? An incredibly cheap and fashionable shirt!

dripping logo diy

#7. Superheroine Tights

All you need is a pair of plain tights, some paint and a stencil. Apply the stencil on the tights and create this cute DIY fashion idea. Of course, you can use other prints, not only bats.

bat tights diy

#8. Pumps with Laces

Spruce up an old pair of pumps by adding shoelaces. This creative DIY fashion idea is surely going to turn some heads and give you some funkyness.

pumps with laces

#9. Cut-out Dress

This model of a dress has been a major trend as well, being present in most of the stores. To recreate this look, all you have to do is use a plain dress and cut it at the middle. Simple and sexy.

dress diy

#10. Rocker Chic Trenchcoat

To bring that old and boring trenchcoat to life, all you have to do is apply differently sized spikes. Mark the places where you’d like the spikes to be with dots and sew them on!

trench diy

#11. Dolce & Gabbana Inspired Skirt

To create the look for less, use a black skirt, black lace and some golden paint. Apply the paint on the lace then sew it on to the dress. An amazing skirt for the budget conscientious fashionista.

dolce gabbana inspired diy fashion

#12. Zippered Shirt

Take that boring Tee you never liked and transform into a rocker chic zippered shirt.  Using some zippers and some basic sewing tecniques you’ll get a T-Shirt you’ll be proud to wear!

zipper shirt diy

#13. Fabulous Footwear

Use a pair of plain white shoes and add a pattern that will make your shoes fabulous and unique. For this transformation you will need shoes and a lot of nail polish, which you’ll have to layer until almost opaque. Your design doesn’t have to be flawless, so don’t be afraid of mistakes.

painted pumps diy

#14. Sequin Patched Sweater

Give your old sweaters an updated look by adding sequin elbow patches. You’ll save lots of money and you only need 15 minutes and some sequins to sew!

elbow patch sweater

#15. Caviar- Capped Shoes

Use an old pair of shoes and give them a makeover! Use some small beads, of a color that either complements or matches the color of the shoes, and glue them to the shoes!

caviar capped shoes

#16. Heart Elbow Patch

For this particular DIY sweater, you’ll have to be familiar with needle felting, a technique that is based on the repeated weaving of wool through the sweater. It’s a techinque worth learning, because the end result is amazing!

elbow patched sweater

#17.Polka Dot Skirt

Use an old skirt that needs a transformation and simply paint polka dots on it. Use a fabric paint and give some dimension to that boring skirt.

polka dot diy

#18. Neckband Embellishment

Embellished collars have become one of the staple trends of current apparel lines. To create it yourself, use an old shirt and glue some pearl looking beads onto its collar. It’s easy and the result is really cute.

embellished collar

#19. Sweater Sleeved Denim

Use an old denim vest and attach the sleeves from a sweater onto it. You’ll get a cool jacket for a few dollars.

cool jacket

#20. Abstract Skirt

Use a old, plain skirt and with the help of some fabric paint and stencils, design your own abstract pattern to embellish the skirt and give it some edge. You can let your creativity loose and get a unique skirt!

diy abstract skirt

#21. Heart Shaped Shoe Clips

Are a great way to spruce up your shoes. Simply cut heart shaped pieces of fabric and sew them on clips. Then, attach the clips to your shoes.

heart flats

#22. Fringed Purse

Tassel bags are a leading trend. To get the look for less, all you need are some leather fringes, rubber band, scissors and a ball chain. You’ll get a new purse without spending too much!

tassel bag

#23. Message Sweaters

Sew words onto your sweaters to get a fashionable and affordable makeover for your old clothes. All you need are yarn and needles. And some patience!

sweater with message

#24. Silk Shorts

Transform your old silky scarf into a new pair of fashionable shorts. All you need are some basic sewing techniques and imagination!

diy shorts

#25. Heart-Printed Pants

To give your old pants a new look, all you have to is apply some cute little hearts. Create a stencil and use some fabric paint and enjoy your new pair of funky pants.

pants with hearts

#26. Ruffled Skirt

Inspired by a Balenciaga collection in 2012, this skirt is certainly about getting the look for less. Add some asymmetric ruffles to a boring skirt, and get the perfect skirt for cocktail parties!

skirt with ruffle

#27. Polka Dot Pants

Use jeans or some pants and give them a new look. Simply use the end of a pencil, dip it in fabric paint of the color of your choosing and dot away!

printed pants diy

#28. Sequin Clutch

Use anything that you own that has sequins and cut it into the desired shape. After, just glue it together and add a zipper. Just like that, you have a new, fabulous clutch!

diy fashion clutch

#30. Neon Clutch

Use an old pouch and bring it up to current trends by adding some lace and painting neon colors of your choosing. You can make several clutches to go with your wardrobe!

neon clutch diy

There is something gratifying about creating your own clothes, rather than buying them ready made. It makes them more special, and they save you a lot of money. Have you done any  fashion DIY’s?


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