DirectX 12 Tested

DirectX 12 Tested

Windows 10, which is the new and the best ever Operating System of Microsoft brings some new and exciting features like Microsoft Edge, User’s personal assistant Cortana, the Xbox app and DirectX 12 which was the most awaited among gamers. And also, many users are happy to see their long lost Start Menu again.

The new DirectX 12 feature has not been tested till now. There are very few games which supports DX12 right now. A real-time strategy game Ashes of the Singularity  is the very first publicly released DirectX12 supported game. Although, there is also a DirectX11 mode for the game which is very helpful in making a comparison between DX12 and DX11. The API test results were great. The main focus of the test was on the Draw calls per second.

The DirectX12  works more on the hardware which is installed in the system than of Software. AMD GPUs which have GCN 1.0 or higher are supported with DirectX12. On the other hand, Nvidia 400 series or higher cards will support it. But, not all the cards have been tested yet and will not support DirectX12. It is a little bit of disappointment for Nvidia.

Image with benchmarks results are as follows.


– News and Image source (ArsTechnica)

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