Dazzling Geometric Paper Animal Sculptures

Dazzling Geometric Paper Animal Sculptures

Paper Animal Sculptures

Paper sculptures are as beautiful as they are fragile. They must be crafted with utmost care in order to make sure they do not unravel under our very eyes. But, when they are finished, they are something else entirely. Paper crafts have existed for centuries in the form of origami and quilling. Now, Wolfram Kampffmeyer, a talented artist based in Germany, brought to life something new. Geometric paper animal sculptures that come in elegant pastel colors and seem as though computer models have come to life under his ministrations.

 “Beautiful stuff made out of paper! My name is Wolfram Kampffmeyer, I’ve been studying Computer Animation and I love to build 3D models,” wrote the artist on his webpage. “If you are sitting in front of the computer all day watching your virtual models, you start wishing to hold them in your hands. That’s how my little pig found it’s way to this world. It happened to become so beautiful that I wanted to share it with you. Check it out!”

Wolfram Kampffmeyer’s paper animal sculptures come in a variety of sizes. They range from mini sculptures that can be sent with postcards to real life sized sculptures. One of his works is the bust of a polar bear in real life size. What’s more, by adding a light bulb, the artist can transform his paper animals into unique lamps. 

Kampffmeyer has a Facebook page titled “Paperwolf.” On it the artist has described his paper animal sculptures as: “Handmade paper sculptures and do-it-yourself paper craft kits! Designed by a creative mind, prepared and optimized on the computer- assembled by YOU!” 

His works can be incorporated in costumes or used as home decor. They have been featured in magazines and bought by people all over the world. They sell online for about $62.

What do you think of these paper animal sculptures? Would you like to add them in your home?

Source and Images: boredpanda.com and visualnews.com

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