David Redon Reimagined Popular Songs as Vintage Ads

David Redon Reimagined Popular Songs as Vintage Ads


French artist David Redon has created a new art project called Ads Libitum, in which he took vintage American ads and reimagined them with the help of a popular song and artist. On his website, David Redon explains: “With this project I wanted to take famous music tracks, and treat them as they  if were commercials, the artist were the product, and the title were the slogan — all of this with a vintage tone/feel.”

It is not uncommon for brands to associate themselves with celebrities, in a branding process called celebrity endorsement. Many pop icons become the faces of various brands, so the phenomenon is not new in media landscape. However, artist David Redon gives a vintage twist to this phenomenon. He takes vintage ads and superimposes the  lyrics of Kanye West, Outkast, Pharell , Daft Punk, 2pac and many more. These retro posters created by David Redon are not only brilliant but also humorous. The French art director has announced the public that none of the posters will be available for sale, citing copyright issues, however the collection is available for viewing.

Below you’ll find a selection of our favorite retro posters created by David Redon and if you wish to see the entire collection, feel free to check out his website. What do you think of the artist’s initiative?

David Redon- Nirvana

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Amy Winehouse

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