Courtyard of the Elements: Architecture for Eyes and Ears

Courtyard of the Elements: Architecture for Eyes and Ears

Located in the student district of Dresden, Germany, Courtyard of the Elements is an architectural ensemble that catches everyone’s attention through its creative thematic design.

singing building dresden

Courtyard of the Elements, Water.

With its vibrant blue and green painted facade, Courtyard of the Elements evokes the water element. Through the golden yellow facade and aluminum plates mounted in it,  Courtyard of the Elements evokes the sun element (picture below).

The blue facade has attached on it many metal downpipes in form of musical instruments. When it rains, water produces a subtle musical effect, possible through its gradually pouring into these downpipes. The downpipes are connected to the roof’s gutters and are not outfitted with any sound-making sensors.

Courtyard of the Elements is an art project by sculptors Annette Paul and Andre Temple and wood designer Christoph Rossner. The artists declared they found their inspiration from St. Petersburg’s Rainy Theater, but their project is a lot more different.

Courtyard of the Elements Sun

Courtyard of the Elements, Sun. Photo source: travelblog

Courtyard of the Elements is not a singular creative house in the area. Actually it is part of Kunsthof-Passage a small recreational and shopping area. The passage encompasses shops and cafes as well as multiple courtyards, each based on a different creative concept. Visitors can admire Farm animals (with savanna animals painted on its wall), Court of metamorphoses (On the walls people find in a long-term experiment, the metamorphosis), Court of light (courtyard is lit by metal mirrors, which produce a variety of colored reflections) and Court of the mythical creatures (mythical animals and fantasy figures adorn the walls).

Courtyard of the Elements  is attractive any time of the day even when it is not raining. Would you like to visit this creative architectural ensemble?

Kunsthof Dresden

singing wall dresden

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