Couple Gets Pregnant With Six Babies After Trying For 17 Years, Get A Huge Surprise

Couple Gets Pregnant With Six Babies After Trying For 17 Years, Get A Huge Surprise

Adeboye and Ajibola Taiwo were born and raised in Nigeria and they both share the same dream. They wanted to move to the United States where they can get a chance to chase the “American Dream” but more importantly, they wanted to start a family together. Sadly, they couldn’t have babies at first but they never gave up on their dream of starting a family and after 17 years, Ajibola got pregnant with six babies! Can you believe that? Delivering six babies at the same time is no easy task.

20. Big Dreams

Adeboye and Ajibola have been around each other ever since they were little. They met each other in kindergarten and while growing up together, they discovered that they both share the same dream, to move to the United States.

19. Moving to the USA

It didn’t take long for Adeboye and Ajibola to become a couple and for them to grow up. Once they were in their 20s, they decided to follow their life long dream and moved to the United States. This is where the interesting part begins…

18. Starting a Family

After moving to the United States, the next step in the couple’s life was to start a family. They wanted to make babies and sadly, this didn’t work out too well for them. For some unknown reason, Aijbola couldn’t get pregnant. Something strange was going on.

17. Visiting the Doctor

After trying to get pregnant for one year without any success, Adeboye and Ajibola decided to visit a doctor. The doctor told them that they should consider adopting because they were not going to have children any time soon.

16. Sad News

As you can surely imagine, Ajibola was devastated to find out that she can’t have any babies. Starting a family is all that he wanted and sadly, it didn’t seem like she was going to be a mother according to what the doctor said.

15. Time Flies

Even though the doctors told Adeboye and Ajibola that they couldn’t have any children, the couple never gave up. 17 years later, Ajibola started feeling morning sickness. Something strange was going on and she could feel it.

14. Big Surprise

Ajibola went to the doctor to get a full health checkup and to her surprise, the doctor told her that she is pregnant. Can you believe that? The biggest surprise is that she wasn’t pregnant with only one baby…

13. Six Kids

The doctor was shocked when she saw Ajibola’s reports, she was pregnant with six babies at the same time! This is something super rare, especially for a woman like Ajibola who wasn’t supposed to have kids.

12. Happy Mom

Even though the news of having six babies might terrifying most women, this isn’t the case for Ajibola. She was super happy! Her waiting finally paid off and she was going to be a mom.

11. Hard Work

Delivering six babies at the same time is no easy task. This is why the hospital where Ajibola was staying had a 40-man team ready at all times to help her give birth.

10. The Big Day

The big day happened and now Adeboye and Ajibola were officially parents. As we can see on their faces, they are really happy about it.

9. Family Big Picture

Adeboye and Ajibola always dreamed of having babies and fortunately, they never gave up on their dream. Even though it took them 17 years, they were finally parents.

8. Long Wait

Ajibola says that she is thankful for her six babies. She never expected this to happen and she knows that raising these babies is not going to be easy at all. However, she is prepared to give it her all.

7. Three Boys and Three Girls

One of the most amazing things about this story is that Ajbola gave birth to three boys and three girls! These babies are going to have lots of fun together once they grow up.

6. Healthy Babies

The most important thing about Adeboye and Ajibola’s babies is that they are all healthy. This is great news because the doctors were worried that not all of them would be in good health.

5. Super Mom

AJibola is not only going to be a mom like she always wanted, she will be a super mom! She needs to work really hard in order to provide her six babies with everything they need.

4. Amazing Childhood

Can you imagine how much fun these babies are going to have once they grow up? They will always have someone to play with.

3. Baby Strollers

Even though having six babies is amazing, it’s also super expensive. Let’s hope that Adeboye manages to find good work so that he can provide for his family.

2. Family Events

Another amazing thing about this family is that their house is never going to silent. The family events for Christmas or Thanksgiving are surely going to be amazing.

1. A Miracle

All that matters is that Adeboye and Ajibola are happy. They are saying that their babies are a miracle from god!

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