Contemporary House Near Polar Circles

Contemporary House Near Polar Circles

Contemporary house Norway

Building a house in Norway, close to the polar circles is no easy feat. The weather is harsh, the terrain rocky and the building has to be able to resist in face of adversity. Winds, snow and storms will most likely beat against the walls of such a home. Therefore, it must be sturdy and solid, able to withstand anything. However, can it also be modern?  Kolman Boye Architects believe so and wish to prove it with the contemporary house they have built on the small island of Vega.

The architects who built this contemporary house located in Norway explained they had been inspired by the topography of the location. Moreover, they used local dwellings as sources of inspiration as well. Explaining their concept, they said: “Seemingly growing from the landscape, the house sits on a rock beneath a granite shoulder negotiating the uneven terrain. As not to disturb the dominant view towards the sea, access to the house is given through a narrow natural ravine densely grown with gnarled birch shrubs and laid out with sea-sand from the nearby shore. “

The contemporary house is a two storey one. The path towards it had been laid out with sand, seamlessly blending in the environment and appearing to have been crafted by nature. The upper part of the house is made of the smaller bedrooms and the family rooms. Below, the architects built a large hearth and a gallery like space. The interior is minimalist, featuring large windows that open towards the sea, allowing the owners to contemplate nature from the warmth of their homes.

“Completed in linseed oil painted pine with untreated birch skirting, frames and reveals, the interior is kept subtle with a character of being hand-built, promoting tactile qualities and the attractive patina developed over time,” the architects added.

What do you think of this beautiful, contemporary house? Would you like to live in it?

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