College de Valleyfield’s Digital Art to Attract Students

College de Valleyfield - mix of real photos

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What makes College de Valleyfield from Canada special? At least their initiative to create a matte painting as part of their marketing strategy and integrate their location into a fantastic landscape as well as the final art work by digital artist Frederic St-Arnaud.

College of Valleyfield is a college of general and vocational education in Valleyfield, Quebec, Canada, established in 1967. The large building with high towers and aristocratic style does look like a castle, but it wasn’t until digital artist Frederic St-Arnaud and its team started work that the college building was largely associated with one.

The digital artists took the project to create a matte painting for the College of Valleyfield: a painted representation of a landscape that would allow filmmakers to create the illusion of an environment which otherwise would be too expensive or impossible to build or visit (Wiki). As St-Arnaud says, the team spent two weeks to design the concept art process and integrate the building into a fantastic landscaping. In a previous article we posted the final print with College de Valleyfield waterfall: Castle of Valleyfield at Dawn © copyright college de Valleyfield 2007.

The longest part out of the 40h to realize the final image was to erase all the trees in front of the main facade. The details of the digital work naturally integrate several photos and paintings to create the garden, small fountains in front of the building and the waterfalls in a complex lighting ambiance. According to the artist, the waterfalls are a mix of painting and photos from a photo-shoot session in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.

College de Valleyfield - preview of final matte painting

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The final art work was displayed on posters, billboards and books and a TV commercial was planned. We believe the quality of the waterfalls matte painting is a good message carrier for College de Valleyfield’s philosophy: to integrate quality education with an intense life during studies. How do you find the innovative marketing idea?

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