Chris Wood Creates Stunning Glass And Light Works

Chris Wood Creates Stunning Glass And Light Works

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When it comes to art, there are no limits. Imagination knows no boundaries and as long as the idea can be put into practice – even if we have to wait several years to do so until one domain or another catches up – we can allow our ideas to soar. This is exactly what Cambridgeshire based artist Chris Wood does when it comes to her amazing and stunning glass and light installations.

Chris Wood studied furniture design at  Middlesex University. There, the artist discovered an interest in light that took her further, to exploring the physical and visual qualities of glass. Inspired by her findings and with a new passion fueling her, the artist went on and studied Glass at the Royal College of Art. There, her projects revolved around issues of light and space.

The artist chose glass as the material she wanted to work with because it allowed her to exploit the aesthetic potential of light. Small, simple structures made of glass arrangements interact with light and afterwards create complex patterns of color, light and shade. “The optical materials I use in my work range from a simple water filled wine glass to the highly technical dichroic glass, basically anything that  allows me to express the magic of light,” she explained.

Dichroic is an optical coating developed by NASA in the late 50’s. It selectively reflects certain wavelengths  of light, while at the same time letting others through. Depending on the viewpoint and light source, the dichroic glass can resemble a golden mirror, can be transparent or can shine in vibrant colors. It comes as no surprise, then, that Chris Wood has chosen it as one of the materials she uses to create her works of art.

What do you think of these stunning works of art? Would you like to see Chris Wood’s wall panels?

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