Cats Wearing Kimonos are a Trend in Japan

Cats Wearing Kimonos are a Trend in Japan

Cats in kimonos

Fashion is no longer meant only for humans. More and more, pet owners are buying all kinds of trendy clothes for their cats and dogs, trying to make them stand out as much as possible. We are able to see pets wearing hats, pants and even dresses, one more intricate than the other. However, in Japan pet fashion has been taken one step further. Cats wearing kimonos are now a trend. Already they have amassed a  great fan base on the internet.

It is a well known fact that in Japan pets outnumber children. As such it is not at all surprising that cats and dogs are extremely spoiled. Owners carry them around like babies, push them in specially designed prams, cuddle with them thanks to hoodies that come with pouches and even send them to the spa. The nation has 11 cat islands. Visitors can walk around and spoil the felines rotten while they roam around freely.

Kimonos are traditional Japanese garments. Nowadays kimonos are most often used by women and during special occasions. Men  often wear these garments at weddings, tea ceremonies, and very special or very formal occasions. The same can be said for women that also wear them during special occasions. Following this tradition, the kimonos created for cats and dogs cannot be worn all year round.

They have been made in order to allow pets to dress up during holidays, just like their owners. These beautiful outfits are especially designed for the little critters and can be bought on Amazon. Each kimono is different based on the event the pet is dressing up for. Of course, the cats wearing the outfits were photographed and posted online.  “Our first kimono-clad cat is dressed up for the New Year’s celebrations. The adorable kitty may be perched on a lacquered tatami pedestal but in her mind she’s already off at the festive feast,” wrote one description.

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