Cats and Mice Armor by Jeff de Boer

Cats and Mice Armor by Jeff de Boer

Jeff de Boer cat armor

Jeff de Boer is a Canadian artist known worldwide for his original and well-crafted works of art. The artist based in Calgary is most famous for his works with metal. He has shaped armors for cats and mice, inspired by the history of the world. Samurai of the Edo period, knights of the Middle Ages, Roman and Persian warriors have been the muses which have inspired the artist into creating his stunning cats and mice armors.

Jeff de Boer has taken the eternal fight between cats and mice to a whole new plain of existence. His works imagine a world where these animals have learned the art of smithing and have crafted for themselves intricate armors of metal to aid them in their battle. The artist started working on this project thirty years ago. It was meant to be a small, side project created for his sculpting class. However, in time, it became the work of a lifetime. Jeff de Boer has created so many armors throughout the years that he is no longer able to recall how many they are.

Jeff de Boer mice armor

The artist uses various types of metal for his works, though he relies mostly on bronze and copper. The small, mice armors take between 10 to 40 hours to make, whereas the cat armors can take from 50 to even 200 hours. Jeff de Boer has admitted that he had once tried to outfit his cat into one of his works. The feline, unimpressed and far from pleased with the extravagant gift, had given him scratches deep enough to scar. The artist has also stated that so far he had not yet tried to outfit a mouse in his armors.

The artist has recently published a book comprising his favorite works. “I am a maker of things: things that are authentic, things that leave people with positive memories and the feeling that beauty and magic still have a place in our world,” he wrote in the description.

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