Best DIY School Bus to Home Conversions

Best DIY School Bus to Home Conversions

The tiny house craze and emphasis on smaller living in sustainable houses has inspired people to convert buses into homes! This exciting movement has resulted in some exciting conversions that will inspire you to use your space better, downsize your home, or maybe even attempt a DIY bus transformation of your own!

From City Bus to Home


Two young Israeli women with an eye on the hip and trendy purchased a dilapidated city bus. After gutting the inside, they dreamed up a chic space that is ultra-modern. They put in a new floor, new walls and a ceiling. The long, Ikea-inspired kitchen counter provides work space, while the dining table and booth resemble the inside of a diner. The counter and seats pull double duty, covering up the bus’s wheels. There is a comfortable bed in the back, a wall dedicated to Audrey Hepburn and a luxurious shower.


Jenns Nusbaum
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