Beautiful Beach Art by Andres Amador

Beautiful Beach Art by Andres Amador

Andres Amador uses the Northern California’s beaches at low tide to create beautiful beach art. The artist spends around 2 hours on a single work of art that is washed away forever when the tide comes in.

Alien Graffiti

The San Francisco native artist uses just a simple rake to create his short life art. Raking exposes the wetter sand, causing a beautiful contrast between the raked and unraked sand. For the geometric design Andres Amador uses a rope as a compass, while for the organic designs he uses the pattern in ‘grown’ based on the principles of growth.

Andres Amador’s artworks can span over 100,000 sq. ft (9,290 sq m) and might last just few minutes. Until his work is completely engulfed by the tide, the artist captures aerial photos from an elevated vantage point or using a quadrocopter.

If you wonder how this artist feels when he sees his work being washed away, Andres explains that for him the energy and draw is around the act of creation and less about the result.

Below you can admire few of the artist’s works. If you are interested to find more about him, order prints or use his talent for a special activity, check his website or Facebook Page.

Andres Amador art

Andres Amador artwork

Andres Amador artwork

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