Battlefield 4’s DLC “Night Operations” Is Out Today

Although it’s been two years since Battlefield 4 came out. And there is also a newer version of Battlefield which is “Battlefield Hardline”. Hardline is the fastest battlefield game ever and it is not old but was released only few months ago. But, the company is not done with Battlefield 4 yet. Electronic Arts DICE community manger said that battlefield players asked for a night multiplayer map and from that moment, the company started working for their dream to come true. He also said that the company checks Battlelog discussions for users demands and try to make them come true. The Battlefield 4 DLC “Night Operations” has a new night map called “Zavod: Graveyard Shift”. The players will need to complete their missions in the dark. New weapons and gadgets will also be available for the players who owns the Night Operations DLC.

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Katie Zahel
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