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Vader Meme

Darth Vade was amazed to discover that when Fett said “As you wish” what he means was “I love you”

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Ron Meme

Ron, where are you ? I’m in a glass case of emotion.

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Marilyn-Monroe Quote

A wise girl kisses but doesn’t love listens but doesn’t belive and leaves before she is left.

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Funny Cheer Up

Cheer up. You could be having a baby with this hunk!

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Flirt Meme

I like your glasses. I’m afraid they are not for sale.

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Dirt Meme

Oh, your game got cancelled because of rain? That’s cute.

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Bro Meme

So you play the beautiful game….bro? Brothers? Brethren?

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Ivan Panin

Be a friend, and thou shalt have friends.

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Inspirational Quote

Be careful it may only take few seconds to make a choice but it takes a lifetime to deal with consequences.

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