Artist Marina Abramovic on the Importance of Drinking Water

Artist Marina Abramovic on the Importance of Drinking Water

Marina Abramovic is a well-known 66 years-old Serbian artist. She is now based in New York, that being the place that inspires her to come with interesting, impressive artistic ideas.

Her artwork is varied, one of her most recent projects being about water and the importance of drinking it regularly. She chose to concentrate on this particular thing because drinking water is a very important ritual for humankind. It’s clean, it’s nourishing and we can’t live without it, says Marina.

artist marina drinking waterMarina Abramovic’s experiment with water. Photo source:

The artist thinks we sometimes take this crucial element for our lives for granted, and forget of its importance. We drink it without paying importance to the vital liquid that keeps us alive, as we do many other things during one day – without paying attention to the different activities we do or the objects we use. If she would be put to pick one precious item of her choice, Marina declared she would definitely go for a glass of water.

In the video of her art project, she urges people to consciously drink every glass of water, to make it a daily ritual. She teaches us to hold the glass or cup with both hands, to close our eyes and forget about everything and everyone around you. Then we need to concentrate on our action of drinking water. We have to put our lips gently on the glass and take a sip at a time, enjoy every drop of this vital element. Try to feel how it feeds every particle of your body and gives you energy and above all, life. Marina advises all of us to drink every glass in about 10 minutes, with closed eyes, in order to feel its force and the life it infuses in you with every drop.

Water is vital for a person’s life and crucial for his well-being and health. Therefore, we find this experiment of Marina Abramovic impressive and really inspiring. Will you try to transform your water drinking action in a daily ritual?


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