Archi+ Carbon House Produces Energy

Archi+ Carbon House Produces Energy

Archi+ Carbon house

Sometimes, people want to build a house for themselves. However, they need to finish the process quickly and perhaps even built it as cost-effectively as possible. In order to do this prefab houses are a great choice. They are very quick to build and relatively affortable. What’s more, one such house from Australian architects Archiblox promises to bring one extra benefit. According to the company, the house will be able to generate more energy than it will consume.

According to the designers of the Archi+ Carbon house,  the house is the “world’s first carbon positive prefabricated house.”  In other words, the prefab house is energy positive. The house takes advantage of a series of passive design strategies that reduce both heating and cooling costs. Shades are placed on the outside of the house to keep it cool during summer months. In winter they can be retracted in order to help with the heating. Floor-to-ceiling glass doors have been chosen in order to maximize sun penetration. In winter they help in the heating process, whereas during summer they can be opened to let the wind in.

“Additional gains in thermal performance are achieved through the structures’ air-tightness which sustains the heat or cool inside and a ‘buffer zone’ which separates the thermal conditions of the exterior and interior areas. Further sustainability is achieved through double-glazed and thermally broken windows, solar power utilization, and water recycling implementation”, explained the architects.

The house is on the small side at 53 sq m. Its rooms consist of bedroom, bathroom, living area, kitchen, dining area, sun-room, cabinetry and a small laundry area. The small size of the Archi+ Carbon also helps minimize electricity and heating requirements. On its roof, the house has  5 KW solar panels that produce  15-21 kWh each day. Although it is unknown exactly how much energy the house uses, the architects claim it is only a fraction of the energy it produces.

The Archi+ Carbon is estimated at about AU$260,000 (US$205,000). Would you like to live in such a house?

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