Ann Carrington ’s Stunning Galleon Ships from Old Pearl Necklaces

Ann Carrington ’s Stunning Galleon Ships from Old Pearl Necklaces

Ann Carrington Galleon Ships

Long known as the “Queen of Gems’’, pearls have been treasured for countless centuries. Before the creation of cultured pearls in the early 1900s, natural pearls were very rare and considered a treasure of almost incomparable value which only nobles or those very rich could afford it. Today pearls are still perceived as being a timeless symbol of refined taste and wealth, but too often the reality is far from this impression.

Inspired by a documentary about a factory in China which manufactures a massive amount of pearl adornment, artist Ann Carrington decided to show the discrepancy between pearl’s perceived status and the often very unromantic reality in a unique way.

Using only old pearl necklaces she has been collecting from junk shops and boot fairs for the past few years, Ann Carrington  created two Chinese sailing junks cruising on a tangled never ending sea of wedding tiaras, chokers and earrings. Starting with a metal structure, the artist slowly weaved (over the course of an year) bracelets, bangles, brooches, tiaras and more into the desired shape for her galleons.

The beautiful sculptures were named Wing Wo Wave and White Cloud City – after two of the largest pearl factories in China.

sails made from broches and tiaras


Ann Carrington galleons

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