Andrew & Gabriella Morrison’s Tiny House on Wheels

Andrew & Gabriella Morrison’s Tiny House on Wheels

Living in a small space makes you think not only about architecture, but also about necessity. You must choose only the items your lifestyle depends on and arrange them in such a fashion that you have plenty of space left. A minimalist house design is usually the key for small spaces. Andrew and Gabriela Morrison recently completed the hOMe project by creating a dazzling tiny house.


At first glance, the house looks like a trailer. However, it is much more than that. The  221-square foot tiny house can be found in Ashland, Oregon. It was fully built and furnished for $33,000 in just four months. By choosing to built their home on wheels, the family was able to bypass building codes and regulations that usually pertain to tiny homes.

Tiny House hOMe Projecy

The house is merely 8.5 feet wide. However, due to its tall ceilings and white walls, it gives an illusion of space. The fully equipped kitchen and the bathroom were placed at opposite ends of the trailer in order to enhance the idea of space. The tiny house also has a bedroom loft and a large-sized staircase with plenty of storage. What’s more, it is portable, a fact which makes it even more charming. Imagine being able to travel the world in perfect comfort.

Talking about her house on Tiny House Blog, Gabriella explained: “Because we chose to build tiny rather than a larger house, we were able to pay for the materials in cash and now have the security of knowing that we will always have a place on this planet that we can live for free. And being that it’s off grid, we aren’t bound to utility bills and the system.”

For people who can compromise space knowing they will keep the same amount of comfort, this tiny house is an impressive idea. It is easier to built and maintain than a large house. Moreover, it’s portable. Would you like to live in such a place?

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