An Architectural Beauty: Leichhardt Residence

An Architectural Beauty: Leichhardt Residence

leichhardt residence

Leichhardt is a suburb of Sydney, in New South Wales, Australia. The suburb is set 5 miles west of the center of the city. Here you can find the administrative division of the local government area. Also, the Municipality of Leichhardt is located in the suburb. Haberfield, Annandale, Lilyfield, Petersham, Lewisham and Stanmore surround Leichhardt on all sides. Due to its development that spreads on two branches, both commercial and residential, the suburb is known as Sydeny’s “Little Italy.” Leichhardt is known for its innovative architecture and sustainable designs. One firm that deals with  this type of architecture is CplusC, the builders of the Leichhardt Residence.

leichhardt interior

CplusC is an Architects and Builders Company.  Their desire is to create sustainable and innovative designs that are well-crafted. Moreover, there are not many firms in Sydney that offer both architecture and building services.  Among their former and current projects there are: Kensington Residence, Tempe Residence, Newtown Residence and Leichhardt Residence.


The Leichhardt Residence was build on a sub-division of the land, next to the original 1970 house. Its design was based on an effective and modern model. The exterior of the house is made of concrete. In this way it is sturdy and secure. Moreover, the colors of the concrete create a nice contrast with the timber that was used for the interior of the house.


There are many large windows used in the design of the house. This fact leads to luminous living areas that appear to be very spacious. The furniture is modern and matches the design of the house perfectly.

leichhardt_living area

There are many versatile courtyard spaces in the plan of the house. Thanks to them, the owner can either start gardening and plant some flowers, or can merely enjoy some quality time outside.


What do you think about the  Leichhardt Residence? Would you like to live in such a house?

( Source: CplusC )

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