Amazing Graffiti by Os Gêmeos

Amazing Graffiti by Os Gêmeos


Graffiti by Os Gêmeos

Os Gêmeos is the Portuguese name for The Twins, an artistic duo made of identical twin brothers Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo. The two are very well known graffiti artists who were born in 1974 and started painting in 1983. In time, they became well known figures on the local scene and helped define Brazil’s own street art style.

The twins initially started as breakdancers. It was only later on that they turned their attention towards graffiti art. Their first foray in street art was trying to emulate American hip hop pieces, in early New York style. The Brazilian influences and styles started bleeding into their work later on. Os Gêmeos often feature yellow skinned characters in their works. Their drawings are diverse and range from tags to complicated murals.

Since their debut, the twins have gone international. Their works became popular all across the globe. Their latest project can be seen on Granville Island in Vancouver, Canada. Using six industrial silos, the two brothers crated a colossal mural that is now part of the Vancouver Biennale. The project depicts six 70 foot (23 meter) tall characters that are vividly colored. The silos are wrapped all the way around, over an area of 23,500 square feet (7,200 sq meters).

This is considered the grandest graffiti project undertaken by Os Gêmeos so far.  Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo took almost an entire month to finish their newest piece. Apart from being part of the Vancouver Biennale, the giants are part of the brother’s on-going “Giants” mural project. As part of this project many such giants have been brought to life in several major cities across the globe. One such giant, known as “The Giant of Boston”, can be seen in the city mentioned in the mural’s name.

What do you think of these graffiti works made by  Os Gêmeos? Are they not impressive?

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