Akhal Teke: The Most Beautiful Horse in the World

Akhal Teke: The Most Beautiful Horse in the World

Akhal Teke, beautiful horse
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Akhal Teke is considered to be the most beautiful horse in the world. Akhal Teke is actually a horse breed from Turkmenistan. It is a national emblem of this country, being known as the golden horse. The horse breed has become widely known for its endurance and speed. Statistics show that there are about 3,500 Akhal Tekes living in the world today. Most of them can be found in Europe, Australia and North America.

Akhal Teke, running
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The Akhal Teke is one of the oldest surviving horse breeds in the world. The breed has become quite famous for their unique golden color, their glow and the shimmer of their coats. Akhal Tekes can be seen in a wide variety of colors, including bay, black, palomino, perlino, grey and cremello. However, the most defining characteristic of this horse breed is the natural metallic bloom of its coat.

Akhal Teke, close view
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Akhal Tekes are described as remarkable horses. This is one of the oldest purebred species of horses in the world. They were first seen more than 3,000 years ago. The Akhal Teke is believed to be the descendant of battle horses used by the Getae tribes. In Ancient Persia, these horses were known as Nisaeani. They were believed to be ridden only by the most powerful kings in the world, as well as by strong warriors.

Akhal Teke, golden horse
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Historians claim that Akhal Tekes have evolved independently in the isolated area of the Turkmenistan desert. In the Turkmenistan lands, horses must live without much food or water for long periods of time. This is why their strength, resilience, power and beauty are believed to be unique. The environment in which they evolved had an important role in modeling the unique characteristics of these horses. However, the Akhal Teke remains well known for its form and grace as a show jumper.

Akhal Teke jumping
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Akhal Tekes can be racehorses, sport horses, show jumping and event racing horses. They are good at dressage and are easy to train. Have you ever seen a Akhal Teke in a show, competition or event?

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