Add Value to the House: Refresh its Design

Add Value to the House: Refresh its Design

Outdoor design - add value to your house

A time has come that not many people manage to avoid: it is time to sell your home and move someplace else. The interior is all set, the walls are freshly painted and the house has been renovated here and there in order to add value to your home. Are you done and ready to sell your house? Not yet! Don’t forget about the outdoor! A fresh and welcoming exterior is just the thing you need in order to add value to your house and enchant prospective buyers. Here are five tips to improve the outdoor look of your home.

1. Refresh the exterior

Refresh the paint of the house

The first step you have to take in order to add value to your house is to refresh its exterior. Make sure to wash all dirt away first. If the exterior is wood, check and see if it is molding. Afterwards add a fresh coat of paint and make it more inviting.

2. Paint the front door

Taking care of the front door

You’ve painted the walls and everything looks fresh, crisp and inviting. What’s next? Painting the front door, of course.

3. Add big house numbers

Big, bold numbers

Big house numbers with a bold designs are just the thing you need to make your house stand out if its architectural style is modern. If you have a Victorian style house make sure to look for some vintage house numbers that go well with its design. Always choose numbers that match the style of the house.

4. Add lighting at the door and the garden

Lights add value to your house

Once your house is set and ready to be sold, it is time to turn your attention to the surrounding landscape. Lights are a very important factor when you want to add value to your home. Appreciated either for safety or decorative reasons, lights around your door and garden will make prospective buyers turn a second glance in the direction of your house.

5. Make sure to gaze at your house and start nitpicking


You may think you are all set to go, but you are not. Check the fence and make sure it is in top shape. If it needs repainting, do it. Remove eventual trash residues and forgotten children’s toys from the yard. Plant some flowers, maybe even add some unique plants. Once you are able to look at your house and yard and think “It’s perfect!” you are ready to sell the house.

We hope these tips will helped you add value to your home and improve its exterior design to impress potential buyers.

( Source: Houzz and Freshome; Image source: Freshome and photobucket )

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