A White Tee Might be Plain, but it’s not Boring!

plain white t-shirt



A plain white tee is likely somewhere in your closet. But you always thought it’s boring or not that cool. Well, I’m going to show you a few  impressive outfits with a white tee that might change your mind about wearing your t-shirt. You might even discover that it’s really  fun to create outfits with it.

casual white tee


  1. Casual Chic with a plain White Tee

You can pair up your white tee with some skinny jeans -preferably black ( the contrast between black and white is always chic) and add your favorite pieces of jewelry : maybe a cute ring or a statement necklace to give  some dimension to your outfit. Throw on your comfy sandals and a colourful jersey- it’s always nice to add a pop of colour. And just like that, you can make an amazing and stylish outfit with your plain  white tee.

outfit with comfy white tee]


  1. Comfy White Tee

We all know that some days we just want to throw on something really comfy and easy to put together. In such days, the white tee can work wonders. Pair it with a longer blazer in neutral colours to add some dimension then throw on your favourite pair of jeans and  some comfy shoes.  Since it’s all about a simple, comfy outfit, don’t accessorize too much. Add a scarf with a nice colour or print and you’re ready to go!

dress up plain white tee


3.Dress Up the White Tee

You might be under the impression that a plain white tee can only work when paired with jeans. Well, I have news for you! It looks amazing with your favourite skirt for going out. Just add some jewelry and your high heels and go out and rock that outfit!

boho outfit with white tee


4.Boho Chic White Tee

This summer everyone seems to be wearing boho chic outfits. Well,  a plain white tee can do the trick here too! Just pair it with a statement necklace, some loose shorts and some comfy  sandals. Add bangles and a side purse and you’re a boho chick! Tip: turquoise and gold can really emphasize your outfit, so don’t be afraid to use them.

As you can see, a plain white t-shirt  can be used in very different outfits and styles. All you have to do is open your closet and start mixing and matching. You’ll be surprised how many wardrobe choices you’ll have if you let your imagination free! Will you wear your white tee tomorrow?



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