A UPS Driver Saved A Customer’s Life, Now He’s Being Called A Hero

A UPS Driver Saved A Customer’s Life, Now He’s Being Called A Hero
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Listening to Your Intuition

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Did you know that human intuition saves lives? While our physical senses can be a powerful tool, they are often prone to failure at times; however, intuition can provide a gut feeling that can sometimes lead to life-saving measures. Unfortunately, most people tend to ignore these feelings, which can lead to disastrous consequences.

A Normal Delivery


For one UPS driver from North Carolina, it was supposed to be just another day out on delivery. It was a chilly February in 2019 and he was hoping to complete his route as quickly as possible; however, fate had other plans.

Something Is Wrong

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After arriving at the home of one of his long-time customers, the driver became immediately suspicious when they failed to answer the door. And after several minutes of knocking, he knew something was not right about the situation at all. You won’t believe how this driver’s quick thinking and instinct ended up saving a life. It truly is a powerful story…

A Successful Career

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Before beginning his life as a UPS driver, Todd Holland had a lengthy and successful in the U.S. Navy. However, after returning home to Wilkesboro, North Carolina, Holland found himself at a loss at what to do now that he was a civilian.

A New Path

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A friend of Holland’s suggested he looked into driving for UPS, and after thinking long and hard about it, he decided to give a try. Living in such a rural area, meant for long stretches of quiet during his day, something that Holland found relaxing and enjoyable.

25 Years of Service

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Holland could have never imagined that his time as a UPS driver would span over 25 years, but he absolutely loved his job. On an average day, he would make upward of 80 deliveries, spending most of his time delivering in the rural area of Crumpler, North Carolina.

Getting to Know You

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Throughout the years delivering, Holland became quite established with his customer base in the Crumpler area. He knew them all by name and began to really get to know the people he made deliveries too. For Holland, it was one of his favorite perks working for UPS, getting to know all of the different people in the area.

An Elderly Favorite

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One of Holland’s favorite customers was an elderly man named Joseph. Every single time Holland would make a delivery to his home, the man would be waiting outside for him with a big smile on his face. Throughout the years, Holland and Joseph had grown quite fond of each other.

Expecting A Smile

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Therefore, on a Friday afternoon in February, Holland was making his way to Joseph’s house with a delivery. He knew when he pulled up the elderly gentleman would be waiting on his back porch smiling. It was always a comfort in knowing that he was making someone’s day, according to Holland.

An Empty Porch

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However, when Holland pulled up to the elderly man’s home, he was surprised to find him not waiting in his usual spot. The man had never missed a delivery in the past 25 years, so Holland was a little surprised not to see him. Could something be wrong?

Knocking on the Door

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Holland took the package to the back porch and knocked on the door, expecting Joseph to answer. Unfortunately, no one came to the door. While it was strange, Holland didn’t dwell on it too much, thinking he simply wasn’t home. “I knocked on his door and called his name, but I figured he wasn’t home,” Holland told the local media.

A Week Later

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The next week, Holland had another scheduled delivery for the elderly man. He assumed that the previously missed delivery had been a fluke and that Joseph would be waiting for him on the porch the next time he came by with a package.

However, that was not the case.

Still Missing

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When Holland arrived with another package for the second time, he was shocked to see that the elderly man was still missing from his porch. Could it be possible the little old man had gone to visit family or went on a vacation?

No Reason for Concern

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Pulling up to the house, Holland scanned the windows and the porch for any signs of life. The house seemed vacant. Disappointed, he figured he had just missed his favorite customer yet again. While it was strange, he didn’t think he should be too concerned at least not yet.

An Unsettled Feeling

However, as Holland approached the house he began to have a very unsettled feeling in his gut. The package he had delivered the previous was still outside the door in the same exact spot. No one had been outside to retrieve it. What could be going on?

Warning Signs

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Immediately, Holland knew something was wrong. It was not like Joseph to miss one delivery, but two was unheard of in the past two decades. Holland began to knock on the man’s door and call out his name. There had to be a reasonable explanation.

A Terrible Gut Feeling

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“I had a bad feeling, so I knocked on the door and called his name,” Holland explained to Yahoo News. “In 25 years, he had never missed a delivery and with the package unmoved, I felt that something terrible must have happened.”

Knocking Louder

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Holland began to knock louder and scream the old man’s name. He even tried calling the customer’s home number, hoping for an answer. Sadly, no one came to the door, but he did hear Joseph’s Rottweiler barking wildly in the house.

This raised the hair on Holland’s arms…something was terribly wrong.

Trusting His Intuition

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Knowing the man was in his 80s and living on his own, Holland came to the conclusion something had happened to his favorite customer. After he didn’t answer the door, Holland decided to jiggle the doorknob to see if the door happened to be unlocked. While he didn’t want to break into the man’s home, he needed to know that Joseph was okay.

A Terrible Discovery

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“I heard his Rottweiler barking, so I turned the door handle and entered the house. I saw his feet first,” Holland revealed. “My heart immediately sank when I saw him lying there.”

Fearing the worst had happened, Holland slowly approached the man’s lifeless body.

Not Moving

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As Holland got closer, he feared he was too late. The elderly man was sprawled unmoving on the floor, while his Rottweiler paced the room in a protective stance. However, a wave of relief rushed over him when he saw the man’s hand twitch.

Calling 911

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“He moved his hand to get my attention and I called 911,” Holland told the local news. It was this act of kindness that would save the elderly man’s life. The UPS driver was so happy he had trusted his gut and persisted in making contact with the man.

A Sweet Moment of Kindness

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Holland revealed that as he waited with the elderly man who was coming in and out of consciousness, he squeezed his hand. Then incapacitated man looked up at him and whispered: “I love you.” To say Holland was touched would be an understatement. He had not realized how much he had meant to the customer, but also how close he had come to dying.

A Very Close Call

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After the paramedics arrived, the elderly man revealed he had fallen and been stuck on the floor for over a week unable to move. “His muscles were deteriorating and the EMTs said he otherwise wouldn’t have made it through the night,” Holland explained.

Being A Friend

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Realizing that the man would need someone to care for his dog while he recovered in the hospital, Holland took time to make arrangements for him to be looked after. The elderly customer was more than grateful, telling the paramedics that Holland was a “true friend.”

In Bad Shape

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The elderly customer was in pretty bad shape and was quickly rushed off to the hospital for treatment. Thankfully, Holland was informed he would make a full recovery despite his injuries. “I’m thankful that I had another delivery scheduled. Who knows what would have happened if he had never been found. I can’t imagine it.”

A Local Hero

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When word spread of Holland’s good deed, the local community hailed him as a hero for going the extra mile. Soon, national outlets began reaching out to Todd, wanting to know more about him and his amazing story. However, Todd gives all the credit to God.

A Plan for Everything

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“Everyone is busy, but we have to stay aware when something doesn’t seem right. There is no reason this man should be alive today — he’s the miracle,” Holland told Yahoo News. “I just wish I could have found him Friday. A close friend of mine said it was just not in God’s will to find him Friday, that God has got a plan for everything and it was his plan for me to find him yesterday.”

Following Your Instincts

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For Holland, this entire situation has made him a firm believer in following your instincts. Sometimes that little voice inside you is actually trying to tell you something. In Holland’s case, it saved the life of one of his dear customers.

Life Lessons

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Holland is now sharing this advice with his co-workers, hoping they take the time to be more aware of the people they are delivering to daily.  “I made it a point to tell the guys at work this morning if you deliver to people – and a lot of people that we deliver to, especially in these rural areas, us, the FedEx man and the mailman might be the only people they see during the week. I told them if you realize and get a gut feeling that something is wrong, check it out. It probably is.”

We hope there are more people out there like Tom Holland. A true example of a serviceman.

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