A Lion Grabbed Her Baby On Live TV. What The Handler Told Mom To Do Sounds Insane!

A TV Segment Gone Wrong

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Imagine the fear of having your child ripped from your arms by a wild animal and being completely powerless to stop it. For one mother, her worst nightmare became a reality when a lion decided to get feisty on tv.

You won’t believe what happens.

Live Animals and TV Don’t Mix

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Sometimes animals don’t want to cooperate when it comes to television and in this instance, things took a downward turn really fast. Thankfully, the experienced trainer took over the situation and turned things around.

However, it could have been much worse.

A Normal Morning Segment

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The incident occurred on a popular morning show in Mexico called “Con Sello de Mujer.” During this segment, a young lion and his trainer were on set being interviewed, while a young mother and her child sat nearby.

Things Start Off Well

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The show started off perfectly normal. The trainer discussed lions in the wild and captivity, and despite the mother looking nervous, the segment continued as it was rehearsed.

The Lion Takes Interest

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However, due to the toddler’s movements, the lion began to take an interest in the tiny human. As the adults continued to talk, the lion clearly becomes more agitated.

Inching Towards The Child

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Slowly, but surely, the lion begins to inch his way closer to the unsuspecting toddler. The adults are completely oblivious to the situation, which is odd. It’s a predator! Why is no one even monitoring the lion during all of this?

A Change in Behavior

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As the segment continues, the lion’s fascination with the child begins to intensify. His eyes lock onto the little girl, his body becoming very still…what is going to happen?

Waiting for the Right Moment

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It seems the lion is waiting for just the right moment. There’s no way he’s going to let this little girl out of his sights.

At this moment, the little girl begins to squirm and start to cry.

Triggered by Crying

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The lion becomes clearly agitated by the little girl’s whines. As she begins to shift in her mother’s arms…it happens. No one could have seen it coming.

The Attack

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The lion grabs the little girl by her pant leg, his claws digging in. Immediately, the mother and trainer begin to pull the child away, but the lion refused to give up its prey. At this point, the mother begins to justifiably freak out.

A Mother’s Terror

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The mother begins to cry, and the trainer attempts to get a better grip on the little girl. As the host of the show watches in complete disbelief, the lion continues to try and drag the little girl closer to him.

Too Strong to Pull Free

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Unfortunately, the mother can’t pull her daughter free and when the lion bites down on her leg, the trainer finds herself unable to get a good grip on the child.

Talk about being completely terrified.

Screaming and Crying

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The mother begins to scream at the top of her lungs, desperately trying to pull her child back to safety. At this moment, the trainer does something that many would find very shocking.

The Trainer’s Advice

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The trainer immediately hushes the mother and tells her to calm down. If she continued to scream, the lion could go into a full attack and then they would really be in trouble. The mother attempts to restrain herself, arms wrapped around her child tightly.

Tension Sets In

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For a split second the tension in the air so thick you could cut through it with a knife. The trainer continues to console the mother, as she works hard to free the child’s leg from the lion’s mouth.

A Helping Hand

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Thankfully, the second trainer steps in and is able to pry the lion’s jaws from the baby’s pant leg. With the child free, the lion is pulled from the set immediately, putting a safe distance between the two.

Comforting Mother & Child

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The trainer embraces both the child and mother, consoling them after the terrifying incident. Who knew that in a mere 30 seconds how quickly things could go downhill? Thankfully, things didn’t end much worse.

A Hard Lesson

Image: YouTube

It seemed this mother and child learned a very hard lesson. Sometimes wild animals and television don’t mix. Honestly, with the unpredictably of natural born predators, children should just be left out of such situations.

And look at the host’s face! He just can’t believe what’s transpired. Honestly, neither can we.

Attacks Caught On Tape

Image: YouTube

There have been plenty of incidents where animal and human interaction goes awry. In this instance, a young girl was sitting on the ledge near a seal. Of course, the seal had other plans for her and wanted to play.

Thankfully, her father jumped in and retrieved the little girl just in time.

Don’t Jump the Fence

Image: YouTube

This man jumped the fence of the tiger pen at the Toronto Zoo when his hat fell into the enclosed area. Let’s just say he learned real quick what a bad idea that was. Again, a totally avoidable situation.

Please Stay in Your Vehicle

Image: YouTube

While driving through a wilderness park in China, a wife decided to exit her vehicle after getting into a fight with her husband. One of the tigers nearby grabbed her and carried her off. The mother exited the vehicle, running after her. Sadly, the mother died, but the wife survived.

Harambe Incident

Image: Animal Talk

One of the most well-known incidents was when a little boy climbed into the gorilla pen in the Cincinnati Zoo. The gorilla Harambe carried the boy around the pen and eventually had to be shot in order to retrieve the child safely. Of course, if the mother had been watching her kid properly, Harambe would be alive today. Animals have instincts, you can’t blame them for using them.

SeaWorld Problems

Image: ABC News

SeaWorld has seen its fair share of controversy with the treatment of its killer whales. Many incidents have occurred where the whales have lashed out at their trainers. In this incident, veteran trainer Ken was continuously dragged to the bottom of the lagoon. Thankfully, he was able to eventually break free.

Don’t Mess with Mama

Image: Odisha Bytes

This mother elephant went on a rampage when locals tried to mess with her baby. Not only did she stop traffic, but she attacked several drivers as well.

Honestly, look but don’t touch people!

Respect Nature, Don’t Exploit It

Image: Business Insider

It’s important that we remember to respect the animal kingdom and nature. When you try to exploit these creatures or invade their natural habitat, things can go terribly wrong. As the mother and daughter found out the hard way, lions and TV simply do not mix.

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