A Famous Murder Case: Charles Bravo

A Famous Murder Case: Charles Bravo

Charles Bravo Murder

Not all murders are solved. Although they say there is no such thing as a perfect murder, sometimes the criminal is crafty enough and manages to hide all possible traces that could lead to their identity. There are many famous murders strewn throughout history where the culprit was never found. One such murder is that of Charles Bravo who was poisoned with antimony in 1876. The identity of the person who poisoned him was never discovered.

Charles Bravo was a British lawyer, born in 1845. He was well known for his controlling and violent behavior, especially towards his wife Florence whom he wed in 1875. The murder occurred after four months of marriage and would go down in history as  The Charles Bravo Murder or the Murder at the Priory. The poison used in this case, potassium antimony, was a slow acting one. Bravo suffered from an agonizing death. It took three days for the poison to actually kill him. During all this time, to the bafflement of the investigators, the man was calm and civil. He also had some idea about what had happened, but refused to give any information. In time, this was showed to be another effect of the poison.

Unfortunately for the investigators, they had little to go on with in the case. The suspects were the man’s wife, Florence, his housekeeper and the wife’s former lover. However, many people believe none of these people did it. In fact, a popular theory is that Charles Bravo was actually slowly poisoning his wife with potassium antimony by giving her small doses every day. However, one night he mistook the poison for his medicine and swallowed a large dose. Other investigators suggested the death might have been one of the world’s strangest suicides.

The murder remains even today notorious and unresolved. Did you know that Agatha Christie herself tried to get to the bottom of Charles Bravo’s murder?

Source and Images: cracked.com and theguardian.com

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