7 Things About Superman’s Mythology That You Don’t Know

7 Things About Superman’s Mythology That You Don’t Know

The DC and Warner Brothers movie Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice has officially conquered the box office, with record-setting numbers worldwide. The movie has also spawned a debate about its characters, their interactions and the philosophies underpinning the film. Instead of spoiling the things that happen in the movie, why not take a look at some of the most amazing unknown facts about Superman. (This article will not self-destruct in 90 seconds: there are no spoilers here!)

7. Battle of the Copyright

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Warner Brothers fought for years to fully obtain the rights to Superman. Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster sold the rights to the character to Detective Comics in 1938 for just $130. Although a 1947 court ruling upheld the deal to sell the character, in the mid-70s, DC and Warner Brothers gave the creators credit, full medical benefits and a yearly stipend. After Siegel and Shuster died, their families sued repeatedly to obtain royalties on the Superman properties. DC gave the families several million dollars and won the most recent lawsuit in 2013.

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