5 Weird Sea Creatures

5 Weird Sea Creatures

In the ocean you may find many weird creatures. If you want to be amazed by such creatures, you can enjoy a scuba diving experience or you may visit an aquarium. Here you can also see 5 weird sea creatures that can surely impress.

1. Barreleye

Weird Sea Creatures, BarreleyeSource: dottech.org

This probably is one of the most bizarre creatures ever found in the deep ocean, being also known as the “spook fish”. It actually has a completely transparent head. The reason is the fact that its eyes are placed inside the head. While swimming, the barreleye can look for its prey.

2. Sunfish

Weird sea creatures, sunfishSource: turbosquid.com

You may find it in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans. The sunfish is the heaviest bony fish in the world and it feeds almost exclusively on jellyfish. If you are lucky to see one of these creatures, you will see it in the ocean, because they are difficult to keep in captivity. The only aquariums that home such species are located in Japan, Portugal and the United States.

3. Leafy Sea Dragon

Weird Sea Creatures, Leafy Sea DragonSource: animals.nationalgeographic.com

If we are referring to weird fish, than the sea dragon is one of them. It is similar to sea horses. The main difference between the two species is that the leafy sea dragon has a larger body and its tail cannot grip objects. They feed on shrimp and small fish. If you want to see a leafy sea dragon, you can find it only in Western Australia and Victoria, at the Aquarium of the Pacific.

4. Viperfish

Weird Sea Creatures, ViperfishSource: icandoitmama.wordpress.com

The Viperfish is one of the most interesting, yet weirdest sea creatures in the world. This can easily be described as an unusual-looking fish. A predator of the deep sea waters, the viperfish can be spotted easily due to its large mouth and sharp teeth. It can swim at very high speeds, ability this fish uses with the purpose to catch its prey. Even though it may look quite scary, you should know that this actually is a small animal, having about 11 or 12 inches length. One of the most interesting facts about the viperfish is that it can survive for days without food, as it has an extremely low metabolic rate.

5. Blobfish

Weird Sea Creatures, blobfishSource: mirror.co.uk

The blobfish is commonly described as one of the ugliest sea creatures. This fish actually lives in the deep of the ocean. It can be easily recognized due to its gelatinous appearance, being described as a lump of jelly. The blobfish is also known for its impressive adaptation ability. Still, this fish is considered to be really lazy, consuming energy only when it eats. Another interesting fact about this creature is that it has a density less than the one of water, which allows it to float above the sea without swimming.

There are many impressive looking sea creatures in the world. Which of these weird sea creatures do you find most spectacular?

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