5 Things You Can Do with the Aluminum Pull Tabs

5 Things You Can Do with the Aluminum Pull Tabs

aluminum pull tabsPhoto source: etsy

The recycled aluminum pull tabs are great resource for some artists. With a bit of patience you can also do original and interesting things. Here are some very fashionable things made from recycled aluminum pull tabs for inspiration.

1. Fancy Bags

According to your tastes you can make a colored or a uni bag. For the colored bag you have to use silver pull tabs and colored thread. For the uni bag you can choose silver or gold pull tabs. The results are fabulous in both cases.

 fancy bag recycled aluminum pull tabsPhoto source: inhabitat.com

colored bag aluminum pull tabs Photo source: flickriver

The uni bag  it is suitable for day wearing, as well as an elegant evening accessory. The colored bag is just so springlike that needs no other words. For one bag you need approximately 700 recycled aluminum pull tabs.


If you don’t have enough patience to collect so many aluminum can pull tabs, you still can make some very fashionable accessory as the wallet. Again, you can decide if you like uni wallets or very colorful ones.

wallets recycled aluminum pull tabsPhoto source: fairtradegoods

3. Jewelries

For jewelries you have many options. You can make necklaces, bracelets, earrings. You can mix the uni and colored pull tabs. Or you can combine with other materials: leather, beads, sequins, wire etc. A lot of DIY accessories. You just need imagination and patience.

bracelets pull tabsPhoto source: arovastudio

necklace pull tabPhoto source: etsy

4. Sexy skirt and dress

Glamorous and sexy. This is the result when combining some hundreds of aluminum pull tabs with imagination.

skirt aluminum pull tabsPhoto source: etsy

Stefanya KazPhoto source: ecochicc

5. Flexible and adjustable belt

Probably the easiest accessory to make, this belt gives your casual outfit a refined touch. Just as you need.

belt aluminum pull tabsPhoto source: jimmysmdblog

If you want to have at least one piece from what we have recommended for you, you should start from now to recycle all your can pull tabs you buy. What do you think? Will you collect your friend’s aluminum pull tabs when you go out for a drink?


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