5 Impressive DIY Hair Braids

5 Impressive DIY Hair Braids

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Having a dazzling dress and a pair of fantastic shoes on to match your unforgettable look is not quite enough. Hair has an essential influence on your image. It closes the deal. But you may not have the time to give yourself a sophisticated, yet simple hairstyle, which is why we’ve come up with a great solution: impressive hair braids that you can create on your own. And fast.

Hair Braid #1

If you’re planning  to go out for a drink with your best friend, perhaps a cocktail party or even a casual dinner, this hairstyle will deliver a leisure look, chic and effortless. If you’re thinking about wearing a top somewhat revealing, it’s even better. It will be the perfect mix between femininity and confidence, and it’s quite easy to do it yourself. Just start the braiding on one side and take it to the other.

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Hair Braid #2

Perhaps you’re looking for a more ravishing look, such as this one. It’s quite an easy hairstyle to create. Once again, start braiding on one side, take it to the other, and when you’re done, pull out some strands here and there. Give it an asymmetrical twist, which is always an inspired hair detail.

hair braids 2013

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Hair Braid #3

If you are more of the classic type, you will love this hairstyle. This type of braiding brings the spotlight to your eyes, lips, cheeks, details which will be even more highlighted by the hair twists in the back. All in all, it will look as if you’ve just visited your hairstylist. To create these twists, section your hair horizontally, make the twists and hold them into place with hairpins which match the color of your hair.

DIY hair braids

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Hair Braid #4

This braid style is more dedicated to ladies who don’t mind some eccentricity here and there. You need to create a braid in the back, starting in the nape area, lift it towards the top and then finish with a cute hair bow. It is in fact that simple, and a playful style too.

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Hair Braid #5

If you’re the type who most enjoys a nice out-of-bed look, this hairstyle is for you. You can mix it with jeans, cocktail dresses, lounge outfits, literary any attire. All you have to do is braid your hair on one side, or both sides if you wish, take it towards the back and just give it a final twist to hold all your hair into place. A fantastic hairstyle, completed in not more than 5 minutes.

hair braids do it yourself 2013

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